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"Stay on guard. Those guys can fire long-range missiles."
Pixy in Mayhem

The F-14D Super Tomcat is an advanced swing wing fighter aircraft featured in numerous Ace Combat games, starting with Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War.



In the Strangereal world, the F-14D was a carrier-launched aircraft operated by several nations because of its speed and combat capabilities, particularly for its ability to engage multiple enemy fighters at once. It operated along with the traditional F-14A and its rarer ground attack variant, the F-14B Bombcat.

The F-14D was used by both Belka and Osea during the Belkan War as an interceptor aircraft. The Schnee Squadron became famous for their use of the F-14D[1], and one such aircraft was manned by Jack Bartlett in his days as a rookie in the Osean Air Defense Force.[2] Super Tomcats were also acquired by A World With No Boundaries, and a Yuktobanian member piloted one during the Allied Forces' siege of Avalon Dam.[3]

The F-14D was also used on the Usean Continent, especially during the Usean Continental War. It was known for being the aircraft of choice of the Lancer Squadron[4], and it was also available to Scarface Squadron during their assistance of the Usean Allied Forces.[5]

The F-14D was also fielded by the armed forces of Leasath[6], Emmeria and Estovakia[7] on account of its dogfighting power, being deployed in considerable numbers during the Aurelian War and Emmeria-Estovakia War.

Assault Horizon universe

Within the Assault Horizon universe, the F-14D was still used, albeit sparingly, by the United States Navy. It first became available to Warwolf Squadron during the Blatnoi conflict following Warwolf's departure from Africa to defend Dubai from Blatnoi threats related to Trinity.

Infinity universe

Thanks to Advanced Automated Aviation technology within the Infinity universe, the F-14D never fell out of service. Mercenary groups continued to develop the Super Tomcat for personal use, including among those allied with the United Nations Forces during Operation Eternal Liberation.

Game Analysis

Ace Combat Infinity

"A revision of the F-14, which has come to characterize carrier-based fighters, known as the "Super Tomcat". While maintaining the stable maneuverability offered by the digitally controlled variable sweep wing and the capability to neutralize multiple incoming targets at long range, it is also outfitted with a new onboard radar and engine."
Stats and Prices Lv.1-10
Lv. Cst SP MO ST AA AG DF Price
1 525 C E+ E D E E 56,440
2 563 C D E D+ E E+ 8,910
3 601 B D+ E+ D+ E E+ 16,040
4 639 B+ D+ E+ C E D 29,110
5 677 B+ C D C E+ D+ 51,680
6 715 A C+ D C+ E+ C 138,600
7 753 A C+ D B E+ C+ 66,830
8 791 A+ B D+ B E+ B 154,440
9 829 A+ B+ D+ B E+ B+ 300,960
10 867 S B+ C B D A 766,260
Stats and Prices Lv.11-20
Lv. Cst SP MO ST AA AG DF Price
11 914 S A C B+ D A+ 1,029,600
12 961 S+ A C A D A+ 1,633,500
13 1008 S+ A+ C+ A+ D S 2,405,700
14 1055 S+ S B A+ D+ S+ 2,970,000
15 1102 S+ S+ B S D+ S+ 4,158,000
16 1161 S+ S+ B S+ D+ S+ 5,375,700
17 1220 S+ S+ B+ S+ D+ S+ 6,147,900
18 1279 S+ S+ B+ S+ C S+ 6,910,200
19 1338 S++ S+ B+ S+ C S+ 8,830,800
20 1397 S++ S+ A S+ C+ S++ 11,137,500

Credit Price Calculator
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Weapon Ammo Lv.1-10
1 483 96 16
2 531 100 22
3 579 104 26
4 627 108 30 14
5 675 112 34 16
6 723 118 40 18
7 772 124 44 20 17
8 820 127 48 22 18
9 869 130 50 23 19
10 918 134 52 24 20
Weapon Ammo Lv.11-20
11 966 138 54 25 21
12 1015 142 56 26 22
13 1063 146 58 27 23
14 1112 150 60 28 24
15 1161 154 64 30 26
16 1205 156 66 31 27
17 1250 158 68 32 28
18 1294 160 70 33 29
19 1339 162 72 34 30
20 1384 164 76 36 32

Part Slots
These are the minimum / maximum part slots this aircraft carries at the respective levels. Part slots can be added until they reach maximum by repeatedly sortieing with the aircraft; see Tuning for more information. A maximum of 7 parts can be equipped at any time, regardless of available slots.

BODY / Max ARMS / Max MISC / Max
Lv.1-5 16 / 38 16 / 38 16 / 38
Lv.6-14 18 / 40 18 / 40 18 / 40
Lv.15-19 19 / 41 19 / 41 19 / 41
Lv.20 20 / 42 20 / 42 20 / 42

Upgrading this aircraft to these levels will unlock the respective nicknames for use at any time.

  • Lv.3: Cat's Claw
  • Lv.10: Variable Wing Addict
  • Lv.15: Quick Strike
  • Lv.20: Petronius

Skin Galleries


Standard gray body


F-14D Pumpkin Icon


Cosmetic version of F-14D "Halloween Pumpkin"



F-14D Event Skin 01


Blue and gray splinter camouflage, based on US Navy's NSAWC scheme





Schnee Squadron livery


  • Special Challenges
    • July 16–August 17, 2015
    • September 30–October 31, 2016


F-14D Event Skin 02 Icon


Zone of Endless red



Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy

"A swing wing fighter with improved radar and weapon control systems, this plane can handle multiple enemies at once."

How to Unlock

Complete Opera House. Costs 46,700 credits.


F-14D stats



Color 1: Gray drab
Color 2: Gray/blue/green camouflage; based on the US Navy's NSAWC paint scheme
Color 3: Gray body
Color 4: Color 2 camouflage with light blue/navy blue/gray colors
Color 5: Color 3 with white and black colors; white and black colors are customizable
Color 6: Color 2 camouflage with light blue/yellow/dark green colors; yellow and dark green colors are customizable

Named Pilots


Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

"A large, variable wing, carrier-based fighter that symbolizes aircraft carrier transported planes. It combines stability with maneuverability regardless of velocity thanks to its digitally controlled variable sweep wings and surpassing speed performance. The "Super Tomcat" also boasts of long-range counterattack capability that can defeat a large number of incoming enemy fighters."
How to Unlock
The F-14D is available for the campaign prior to Power Play".
Speed: High
Mobility: Medium
Stability: High
Fire Power: High
Defense: Medium-High
Special Weapons
6AAM AIM-54 Phoenix
SAAM AIM-7 Sparrow
Color 1: United States Navy. Grey drab.
Color 2: United States Navy. Blue splinter camouflage.
Color 3: Super Tomcat 21 color scheme.
Color 4: Razgriz Squadron livery. Earned by achieving the "Ace Striker" bonus five times in competitive multiplayer.
Color 5: Zipang livery. Earned by getting 100,000 points with the F-14D in competitive multiplayer.
Color 6: Halloween Pumpkin (DLC)
Color 7: Jolly Rogers (DLC)
Color 8: VF-1J Valkyrie (DLC)
Color 9: VF-1S Valkyrie (DLC)

Ace Combat: Joint Assault

"A swing wing plane with improved radar and weapon control systems, this plane can handle multiple enemies at once."
How to Unlock
The aircraft is unlocked after completing Raging Sea and costs 54,800 credits.
Speed: High
Air-to-Air: Medium
Air-to-Ground: Low
Mobility: Above average
Stability: Above average
Defense: Medium
Gun 20-mm M61A1 Vulcan six-barrel rotary cannon
Standard Missile x66 AIM-9M Sidewinder
High Accuracy Missile x44 AIM-9X Sidewinder
Light Weight Missile x88 Python IV
Heavy Weight Missile x22 AIM-132 ASRAAM
SAAM x9 AIM-7 Sparrow
NPB x13 BLU-32
GPB x11 2000 lb bomb GBU- 27 Paveway III.
XLAAx12 uknown type
C01: Gray body with mustard and blue forest camouflage.
C02: Graphite body with darkened nose stripe.
C03: Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force camouflage.
C04: Zipang livery.
C05: Gray body with red nose and stabilizer surfaces. Based on the YF-14A prototype.
C06: Schnee Squadron livery.
  • Zipang - Found in Ace of Aces. Spawns with the sixth wave of enemies only if "Wardog" is shot down before the timer reaches 20 minutes.

Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation

"The Super Tomcat is equipped with digital fly-by-wire variable geometry wings and powerful twin-engines. Although costly to maintain, this carrier-based aircraft’s wide array of advanced capabilities place it at the pinnacle of modern aircraft design. Unparalleled top speed and acceleration coupled with high maneuverability and stability make the F-14D an impressive aircraft. Long-range missile armaments also allow for preemptive striking capability on multiple enemy aircraft. Excelling at hit-and-run assaults, this high speed intercept fighter is perfect for aerial defense missions."
How to Unlock
The F-14D is unlocked after completing Siege on Silvat, and it costs 78,000 credits.
Speed: Maximum
Air-to-Air: Maximum
Air-to-Ground: Low
Stability: Medium
Defense: Medium
Mobility: Medium
Special Weapons
Gun 20-mm M61A1 Vulcan six-barrel rotary cannon
Missile x150 AIM-9M Sidewinder
XLAA x40 AIM-54 Phoenix
SAAM x25 AIM-7 Sparrow
Emmeria: Gray body with black nose and vertical stabilizers.
Estovakia: Gray body with mustard and blue forest camouflage.
Estovakia SP: White body with white and red stripes. Modeled after the proposed Super Tomcat 21 upgrade.
DLC: Halloween
DLC: Razgriz
DLC: Zipang
DLC: Jungle Wing
DLC: Wardog Emblem

Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception

F-14D Super Tomcat (Aurelia)
"Featuring upgrades in radar and weapon control systems, the "Super Tomcat" can handle multiple enemies at once."

How to Unlock

Complete The Midnight Sun. Costs 16,600 credits.


ACEX Statistics F-14D



  • Aurelia: Gray body with mustard and blue forest camouflage.
  • Leasath: Graphite body with darkened nose stripe.
  • Special 1: Desert camouflage employed by the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force.
  • Special 2: Zipang livery.

Named Pilots

  • Savannah - Found in False Target. Spawns with the fourth group of enemies if all the decoys, escorts and targets are destroyed beforehand.


Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War

"This carrier-based F-14 features upgrades in radar and weapon control systems. Aptly called the "Super Tomcat," the F-14D can handle multiple enemies at once."
How to Unlock
The F-14D is unlocked immediately after completing Mayhem on the Soldier Ace Style. The aircraft costs 76,000 credits.
Speed: 87
Mobility: 58
Stability: 64
Defense: 61
Air-to-Air: 81
Air-to-Ground: 35
Standard: Air superiority gray with nose stripes and black tailfins. Based on color scheme F-14A of VF-84 "Jolly Rogers"
Mercenary: Gray body with mustard and blue forest camouflage.
Soldier: Razgriz Squadron F-14A Tomcat livery.
Knight: Ferris camouflage.
Special: Schnee Squadron livery.
Wildgans (Wild goose)
22nd Air Division, 4th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Schnee"
Kon (Knight)

Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War

"The Super Tomcat is the long-reigning standard in carrier-based fighter aircraft."
How to Unlock
The Super Tomcat is available once the F-14B Bombcat's Kill Rate Gauge is full. Each airframe costs 17,800 credits.
Speed: 87
Mobility: 58
Stability: 64
Defense: 61
Air-to-Air: 81
Air-to-Ground: 35
Special Weapon
OS: Gray body with mustard and blue forest camouflage.
RZ: Black desert camouflage.
SP: Zipang cherry blossom body.


  • In Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation, Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, and Ace Combat Infinity, the F-14D carries XLAAs or 6AAMs (AIM-54 Phoenix) on stations 1B, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8B, a configuration known in the United States Navy as the "Chainsaw" tactic. Such a missile arrangement was designed for situations where a carrier battle group came under attack from the Soviet Union's bombers or cruise missiles, in which every available F-14 would be scrambled to intercept and potentially return to continue operating in such a manner until the cessation of enemy attacks.
  • In Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, the F-14D is depicted with VF-103 paint scheme as DLC. VF-103 actually operated the F-14B, the closest comparison to the F-14D.  The F-14B utilized many of the avionics and systems from the F-14A, the chief differences being the new GE engines, newer RHAW gear and deletion of the glove vanes.
  • At a high speeds in game, the Tomcat of all variants can do the same counter maneuver used by Maverick in the movie Top Gun against Jester in the first training hop against the A-4 Skyhawk. With his aircraft precariously in front of Jester's A-4, Maverick says "I'll hit the brakes and he'll fly right by," and he then performs a pitch pulse (which resembles and works off the same principles as Pugachev's Cobra, albeit without the nose passing 90 degrees vertical), effectively putting him behind his opponent. In reality, the pitch pulse wouldn't normally be performed above 325KIAS due to the potential for over-g, nor is it tactically sound, easily counterable by a high yo-yo; more than anything else, it was a familiarization maneuver for newer aircrews to acquaint them with the F-14's pitch authority.  With a bit of practice, it can be a handy trick in game.
  • The OS color scheme in The Unsung War, Mercenary color scheme in The Belkan War, Aurelian color scheme in Skies of Deception, Color 1 in Joint Assault and Color 2 in Assault Horizon is the color scheme of the NSAWCS' F-14D (Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center). This color scheme also mimics the color scheme of the Su-27M (early Su-35)
  • Savanna's color scheme in Skies of Deception and Color 3 in Joint Assault are based on the color scheme of the Iranian Air Force's F-14A.


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