The F-15S is a modified F-15 Eagle unit from the Strangereal world.



During the Usean Continental War, Usean Rebel Forces sent two elite squadrons of F-15S to defend Saint Ark. Later this type of aircraft was used during URF's last stand at Fortress Intolerance.[1] A Z.O.E. "General" unit was also part of the Saint Ark defense force, but was destroyed by Phoenix.[2]

Game analysis

Ace Combat 2

"An F-15 with thrust deflection nozzles and canard wings, used as a testing machine for air combat maneuverability research. Because it proved itself extraordinary during tests, it was chosen to be deployed in actual combat."
― NamCollection description

How to Unlock

Complete mission 13: Power Play on extra mode.


Power: High
Defense: Medium
Mobility: Medium-High
Stability: Medium-High
Climbing Ability: Maximum
Air to Air Combat: High
Ground Attack: High



  • Ally: Light purple with white trim stripes.
  • FRND: Lime green with white trim stripes.
  • Enemy Type A: Deep blue with stripes and emblems.
  • Enemy Type B: Air superiority gray.
  • Z.O.E.




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