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The F-15S is a modified F-15 Eagle unit from the Strangereal world.


All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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The F-15S was a rare combat aircraft developed from the F-15S/MTD in the late 20th century. One of the most advanced Eagle variants produced, it employed canards from the S/MTD in conjunction with wings, tailplanes and engines derived from the YF-22 Lightning II, making it as maneuverable and agile as either but lightly increasing its loaded takeoff weight. Despite its origin, it was a single-seater, in the vein of the F-15C Eagle.

In the 1990s, a handful of F-15Ss were owned by air forces of Usea, while a lone unit was outfitted with artificial intelligence systems by Gründer Industries as part of the Zone of Endless project. During the 1997 Usean Coup, two elite squadrons used them to defend Saint Ark, and later Fortress Intolerance. Gründer's "General" unit was also part of the Saint Ark defense force, but was destroyed by Phoenix.

Game analysis

"An F-15 with thrust deflection nozzles and canard wings, used as a testing machine for air combat maneuverability research. Because it proved itself extraordinary during tests, it was chosen to be deployed in actual combat."
― NamCollection description
  • Span: 13.05m
  • Length: 19.43m
  • Height: 5.63m
  • Total weight: 20,244-30,845 kgs.
  • Ally: Light purple with white trim stripes.
  • FRND: Lime green with white trim stripes.
  • Enemy Type A: Deep blue with stripes and emblems.
  • Enemy Type B: Air superiority gray.
  • Z.O.E.



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