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The F-16XF Gyrfalcon is the last rendition of the F-16 series of aircraft.


The F-16XF Gyrfalcon was a upgraded F-16 Falcon. It has the standard array of modifications of other aircraft of it's era, including the installation of the Connection for Flight Interface system, enlarged flaps, installation of canards, and an engine with a higher thrust. This enhances the aircraft's mobility as well as the maximum speed.

The aircraft's specifications are as follows:[1]

  • Width: 9.45m
  • Length: 15.08m
  • Wingspan: 5.36m
  • Weight: 11372 kg
  • Max Speed:
    • Japanese version: 2856 km/h
    • International version: 3927 km/h
  • Armor: Light



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The F-16XF was used during the early stages of the Usean Corporate War, not only by the General Resource Defense Force. An export variant for the UPEO was also developed. It was used by GRDF ace pilot Keith Bryan, and, if he stayed in the UPEO, Nemo would be given one unit as well.[1]

Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere

How to Unlock

  • Japanese version:
  • International version: Complete mission 4.


  • Power: Low
  • Mobility: Medium
  • Stability: Low
  • Armor: Low
  • Attack: Low



  • GRDF: Olive green with yellow nose
  • F-16XFU: Ghost white with orange trim



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