The F-22C Raptor II is a modernized version of the F-22A Raptor manufactured by General Resource Limited. The F-22C features a Connection for Flight Interface system and an enlarged tail stinger. It is used rather commonly by members of the General Resource Defense Force, including Abyssal Dision.



The F-22C's only known operator is the GRDF. It is used by Abyssal Dision prior to his reveal as a member of Ouroboros.[1]

Game Analysis

Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere

"In supersonic cruise without afterburner, can be promptly attack without being aware of the goal, also, that can be dogfight at the highest level of mobility even when it becomes in close combat, all it is this F-22 had been developed with the aim of high-performance fighter plane. In the A-type of F-22, but air brake that has been abolished from the cost, in order to increase the mobility of the dogfight time, it has been adopted again from the C type."
― Ace Combat 3 Electrosphere Official Guide
"F-22 was developed as a next-generation fighter to replace the F-15, while to improve the stealth performance by the aircraft cross-section diamond, super cruise (supersonic cruise) with no after-burner is also possible there were. Thus F-22 stealth fighter, was excellent performance in both air superiority fighter. The F-22C is aimed at improvement of the F-22 deleted again mounting air combat capability of the air brake has been in terms of cost Upon mass production of. This result, with respect to stability is the best performance in the fighter currently in deployment."
― Ace Combat 3 Electrosphere Mission & World Guide
How to Unlock
Export: The F-22C is available for use immediately following Campaign Mission 17, One-Way Ticket.
Power: Medium
Mobility: Medium
Stability: Excellent
Defense: Medium
Attack: Medium
Width: 13.56 m
Length: 19.92 m
Height: 5.05 m
Weight: 27,200 kg
Max Speed: 3,681 km/h
Damage Tolerance: Normal

  • Abyssal Dision: His variant is known as the F-22C Raptor-D, but the difference between this version and the original is unknown.


  1. Mission not specified. Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere.

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