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The F/A-18U Hornet ADV is a modified version of the General Resource F/A-18I Hornet ADV for the Universal Peace Enforcement Organization.


The Hornet ADV is a low-end General Resource multipurpose fighter, roughly equal to the EF-2000E Typhoon II. This UPEO model, similar to the original, was uncommonly deployed on the frontlines. The aircraft became available to Nemo in the mission "Enter Dision", and was first seen in enemy hands during the events of "Ghosts of the Past".



  • Attack: 55
  • Speed: 75
  • Defense: 60
  • Stability: 45
  • Mobility: 60


  • Width: 13.62 m
  • Length: 18.31 m
  • Wingspan: 4.88 m
  • Weight: 29937 kg
  • Max Speed: 2324 km/h
  • Damage Tolerance: Light




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