"That beast rains missiles. That's some serious shit."

The Arsenal Bird[1][2] is an aerial warship built to defend the International Space Elevator.[3]


The Arsenal Bird is a massive unmanned aircraft with the capability to carry up to 80 MQ-101s at one time. When these drones are launched, they are dropped from their holds in the aircraft's wings, flipping over and extending their wings to take flight. The Arsenal Bird launches Anti-Air missiles onto any hostile aircraft that is within close range. Instead of jet engines, the Arsenal Bird utilizes large propellers for thrust.[4]


Main article: Osea-Erusea Conflict

The Arsenal Bird was developed by the Osean Army and was captured by Erusean forces when multiple Arsenal Birds were deployed in the conflict between Erusea and the Osean Federation,[5] but the extent of its deployment is not yet clear.



  • The Arsenal Bird was referred to as the "FAS" in 2015 promotions for Ace Combat 7.[6][3]
  • The Arsenal Bird resembles the Northrop YB-35 with its flying-wing design and rear-facing contra-rotating propellers.
  • An Osean pilot used the nickname "Big Baby Huey" to refer to the Arsenal Bird.
  • The Arsenal Bird bears a huge resemblance with the airships from How's moving castle, a movie from Studio Gibli.


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