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The FB-22 Strike Raptor (FB-22 Concept in Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War and Ace Combat: Joint Assault; F/B-22 Concept in Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception) is a conceptual bomber based on the F-22A Raptor.



During the Circum-Pacific War, at least one ace pilot, Proteus, is known to have flown an FB-22 for the Yuktobanian Air Force. He was seen during Operation Supercircus and was shot down by Wardog Squadron.[1]

During the Aurelian War, the Leasath Air Force had used Strike Raptors during the closing days of the war. One ace pilot, Orca, used a personalized one.

Joint Assault universeEdit

Antares Squadron had access to at least one FB-22 unit during the Valahia Crisis.

Infinity universeEdit

Mercenaries with the United Nations Forces were able to develop FB-22s for personal use through Wernher and Noah Enterprises's Advanced Automated Aviation Plant.

Game AnalysisEdit

Ace Combat InfinityEdit


"A fighter bomber derived from the F-22.
It features a redesigned airframe to improve the stealth and supercruise abilities featured in the prototype. The main wing is made of a delta wing configuration and to increase air-to-ground attack capabilities, its body has extended to expand its weapon bay. The aircraft has been developed as the successor to other large-scale aircraft to sortie on bombing missions."
Cst SPD MOB STA A2A A2G DEF Price Total Price
Lv.1 750 B D B+ C B+ D 673,920 673,920
Lv.2 795 B+ D+ A C B+ D 63,180 737,100
Lv.3 840 B+ D+ A+ C A D+ 105,300 842,400
Lv.4 885 A D+ A+ C A+ C 136,890 979,290
Lv.5 930 A+ C S C+ A+ C+ 179,010 1,158,300
Lv.6 975 A+ C S C+ A+ B 547,560 1,705,860
Lv.7 1020 S C+ S C+ S A 395,930 2,101,790
Lv.8 1065 S C+ S+ C+ S A+ 551,780 2,653,570
Lv.9 1110 S+ B S+ C+ S+ S 800,280 3,453,850
Lv.10 1155 S+ B S+ C+ S+ S+ 1,158,300 4,612,150
Lv.11 1202 S+ B+ S+ B S+ S+ 2,316,600 6,928,750
Lv.12 1249 S+ B+ S+ B S+ S+ 2,063,880 8,992,630
Lv.13 1296 S+ A S+ B S+ S+ 3,032,640 12,025,270
Lv.14 1343 S+ A+ S+ B+ S+ S++ 4,254,120 16,279,390
Lv.15 1390 S++ S S+ B+ S+ S++ 5,180,760 21,460,150
Lv.1 343 132 14 0 0
Lv.2 377 134 16 0 0
Lv.3 411 136 18 0 0
Lv.4 445 138 20 18 0
Lv.5 480 140 22 20 0
Lv.6 514 142 24 22 0
Lv.7 548 144 26 24 30
Lv.8 583 146 28 26 32
Lv.9 617 148 29 28 34
Lv.10 652 150 30 30 36
Lv.11 686 154 31 31 37
Lv.12 720 158 32 32 38
Lv.13 755 162 33 33 39
Lv.14 789 166 34 34 40
Lv.15 824 170 36 36 42

Part Slots
These are the minimum part slots this aircraft carries at the respective levels. More can be added by repeatedly sortieing with the aircraft (see below). Keep in mind that a maximum of 7 parts can be equipped at any time, regardless of available slots.

Lv.1-5 25 25 25
Lv.6-14 27 27 27
Lv.15 28 28 28
This aircraft's part slots can be steadily increased by repeatedly sortieing with it. The "part slot expansion points" required are displayed below; when all of the points for one expansion are obtained, all three part slot categories will receive one additional slot and the left-over points will carry over towards the next expansion. After each sortie, players will receive anywhere between 100 to 130 expansion points (x2.5 for using two fuel, or x4.5 for using three fuel).

If any expansion is not displayed, then data is not yet available for that particular expansion.

Expansion Points Required Approx. Sorties
+1 3,203 25 - 32
+2 5,108 39 - 51
+3 8,512 65 - 85
+4 11,918 92 - 119
+5 15,323 118 - 153
Toggle Info on Part Slot Expansions

Upgrading this aircraft to these levels will unlock the respective nicknames for use at any time.

  • Lv.3: Deep Strike
  • Lv.10: Invisible Strike
  • Lv.15: Outsider


  • Default : Air Superiority Gray


Ace Combat: Joint AssaultEdit

"This aircraft's delta wing design allows for greater weapons payload"
― Hangar
How to Unlock
Complete Spotlight -Bravo in a second playthrough
Special Weapons
XAGM x 40
SOD x 27
QAAM x 23
BDSP x 32
Colour 1 : Air Superiority Gray Camouflage
Colour 2 : Ferris Camouflage
Colour 3 : Mobius Squadron livery
Colour 4 : 'Proteus' livery from Ace Combat 5
Colour 5 : Dark green Camouflage
Colour 6 : Gray Body with red 'velvets'

Ace Combat X: Skies of DeceptionEdit


"This aircraft's delta wing design allows for greater weapons payload."

How to Unlock

Complete Alect Squadron


Special Weapons


  • Aurelia: Air superiority gray
  • Leasath: Ferris camouflage
  • Special 1: Mobius One camouflage (Without Mobius Insignia and ISAF logos)
  • Special 2: "Proteus" livery from Ace Combat 5

Named Pilots

  • Orca - Found in Offline. Spawns to the south if all enemies except one satellite dish are destroyed.


Ace Combat 5: The Unsung WarEdit

"A concept attack aircraft based on the F/A-22. Not as capable in aerial combat, but its improved stealth technology and larger payload enable unprecedented air-to-ground attack capabilities."
How to Unlock
The FB-22 is made available for purchase once the Kill Rate Gauge on the F/A-22A is completely filled. Each FB-22 costs 24,800 credits.
Speed: 73
Mobility: 73
Stability: 89
Defense: 78
Air-to-Air: 54
Air-to-Ground: 99
Special Weapon
Named Aces
  • Proteus: Appears in Journey Home in the southeast during the final part of the mission.
  • OS: Air superiority gray
  • RZ: Razgriz black with red tail tips
  • SP: Light blue body with dark blue stripes and a yellow trim


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