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"Mechanical parts discovered in destroyed enemy facility. We'll have the ground forces retrieve them later"              ― AWACS Thunderhead after destroying a Falken Hangar.

Falken Hangars are special ground targets present in Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War. As their name states, they take the shape of gray hangars with red stripes, which contain mechanical parts belonging to the ADF-01 FALKEN. When a hangar is destroyed, the resident AWACS will confirm the existence of parts within the hangar, and state that ground forces will be sent to retrieve them later. Once all hangars are destroyed and a mission is completed, the ADF-01 will be unlocked at the hangar screen.

List of hangarsEdit

There are five hangars in the entire game.

  • Powder Keg (M12A): Upon starting the mission, fly down the river until you reach an intersection. Follow the right river to the eastern edge of the map until you reach the Hangar. It is defended by a lone fighter and a Stinger launcher.
  • Four Horsemen (M12B): Once the radar network has been bypassed, search for the hangar in the factory area at the enemy base.
  • Desert Arrow (M16A): The Hangar is located next to a small river between the Yuktobanian airbase and field HQ. You are likely to come across it after the headquarters have been dealt with.
  • Desert Lightning (M16B): Located near the river the player vists toward the end of the mission.
  • Aces (M27): Arguably the easiest hangar to find. Located in the central-eastern area of Sudentor, near a guntower.

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