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The Federal Erusea Air Force[1] (FEAF) is the airborne branch of Erusea's military. It was responsible for much of Erusea's dominance during the Second Usean Continental War, especially thanks to its elite Yellow Squadron and using Stonehenge as an anti-aircraft weapon.

The loss of Yellow Squadron, Stonehenge, and numerous other pilots during the war and the subsequent Free Erusea uprising dealt a heavy blow to the FEAF's combat effectiveness. By 2019, the air force's combat effectiveness was restored and it was heavily involved in the early stages of the Osea-Erusea Conflict.


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Though the full extent of its involvement is unknown, the FEAF was involved in the Usean Continental War as a member of the Usean Allied Forces. Personnel and squadrons would also defect to the Usean Rebel Forces during this time.

Combat squadrons



Combat aircraft

Unmanned aircraft






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