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Federal Republic
Full Name Federal Republic of Aurelia
Continent Osea
Location Southern Osea
Capital Griswall
Head(s) of State Unknown
Government Democratic Republic
Currency Unknown

Aurelia, full name Federal Republic of Aurelia, is a republic in South Osea. It is neighbored by Leasath to the north, and by the southern Osean Federation further north.

History Edit

Information Edit

Physical GeographyEdit

Aurelia is located on the southern coast of the Osean continent. The country occupies a peninsula, with an Isthmus connecting it to the rest of the continent. The western, northeastern and southern coasts are mountainous, while the rest of the country is mostly made up of plains. Aurelia has a temperate climate on the isthmus, gradually becoming semiarid in the center of the nation and subarctic in the southwest. Much of the nation has an alpine climate due to high elevation.

Human GeographyEdit

  • The country is similar to South America due to its location south of the U.S.A.-like superpower of Osea, the Puna region, and several squadron names (Gryphus, for example, is the Andean Condor). Most characters also have Spanish names, and Spanish-speaking newspapers are frequently shown in cutscenes.
  • Several other squadrons are named after birds from Australia, such as Ninox.
  • Aurelia is similar to South Korea both geographically and in its political relationship with North Korea. Aurelia provided Leasath with large amounts of financial aid during and after its civil war. Despite this generosity, most of Leasath still holds animosity towards Aurelia due to state-sponsored propaganda.
  • Like many real countries in the Southern Hemisphere, the constellation Crux (the Southern Cross) is symbolic of Aurelia. Due to its name and prominent symbol, it's likely that Aurelia is based off parts of South America.

Federal Provinces Edit

Aurelia's three-parted federal system is inspired by the regional system used by pre-independence Chile under the governing of the Spanish Empire, which was created after the Bourbon Reforms and adopted in a modified manner by local politicians during the Chilean War of Independence.

  1. North Puna State; the southeastern-most area of the Aurelian countryside.
  2. South Puna State; the southwestern region that envelops the entire coast of the Aurelian peninsula's tip.
  3. Lenal Country State; the largest northern province and home to Griswall, tens of miles from the borderline.

Armed ForcesEdit

Aurelian Air Force (AAF)
Aurelian Navy
Aurelian Army


  • In Latin, Aurelia means "golden", which may hint this nation is wealthy.
  • Aurelia for its content Hispanic names and contact details as cross southern region of the Condor and Puna, physical geography and human geography is possible that Aurelia's real counterpart is Argentina, Although Aurelia  Include cultural elements of Argentina :the condor or "Vultur gryphus" is the national animal of the Republic Argentina, "Aurelia" in latin means "gold", "argentum" in latin means "silver", Aurelia Tizon (wife of President Juan Domingo Peron) was first woman candidate for democratic elections, "puna" is a plateau region extending from southern Argentina crossing to the north even to the region of Peru, the crux is an icon found on flags of the provinces that belong the Republica Argentina , but include elements from other Latin American Nations, As Aurelia is a representation of some nations Strangereal South America and Latin America, You can also include elements of Mexico because that nation is also rich(?). It is noteworthy that Argentina and Mexico are the two greatest powers of Latin America although below Brazil.

But many name of the squadron are in Italian, for example Falco and Aquila.

  • It can be seen at the end Ace Combat X that Christmas is celebrated in Aurelia. Meaning that Christianity might exist in Strangereal.



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