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"Benefits courtesy of the Golden Axe Plan. Way too much overkill for huntin' scorpions though!"
Daniel Oruma

The GAF-1 Varcolac is a fictional multirole aircraft designed in the Ace Combat: Joint Assault universe for the Varcolac Squadron. It later made its first console appearance in Ace Combat Infinity.


Developed in secrecy under the orders of Andre Olivieri, the GAF-1 Varcolac was a product of the Golden Axe Plan. It was the signature aircraft of the Varcolac Squadron.

The Varcolac is a high-end multirole aircraft and is compatible with a large number of parts for tuning. There are three cockpit parts exclusive to the Varcolac based on the Varcolac Squadron members' specialties, which can drastically alter the aircraft's attributes.

Game AnalysisEdit

Ace Combat InfinityEdit

"A large, versatile aircraft developed in secret based on the "Golden Axe Plan."
Massive in size, more than twice that of many other combat aircraft, and characterized by its forward jutting cockpits[1].
It is a canard wing aircraft, with the massive backswept wing unified with the canards that stretch from the front of the aircraft and the winglets on the wing tips, and twin vertical tails that rise at an outward angle from the left and right engine units.
It is known as "Varcolac", meaning "werewolf"."

How to Unlock

The GAF-1 is available through the Aircraft Tree.
Stats and Prices Lv.1-10
Lv. Cst SP MO ST AA AG DF Price
1 825 C+ C+ C B C+ C 4,590,000
2 874 B B C+ B+ C+ C+ 2727000
3 923 B+ B C+ B+ C+ B 3,942,000
6 1070 A+ A B+ A B A 14,850,000
7 1119 A+ A+ B+ A+ B+ A+ 7,290,000
8 1168 S A+ B+ A+ B+ S 8,100,000
9 1217 S S B+ A+ B+ S+ 8,910,000
10 1286 S+ S A S A S+ 9,990,000
Stats and Prices Lv.11-20
Lv. Cst SP MO ST AA AG DF Price
11 1317 S+ S+ A S A S+ 11,070,000
12 1368 S+ S+ A S A S+ 12,690,000
13 1419 S+ S+ A+ S A S++ 13,500,000
14 1470 S+ S+ A+ S A+ S++ 15,525,000
15 1521 S+ S+ S S+ A+ S++ 17,010,000
20 46,521,000

Weapon Ammo Lv.1-10
1 520 130 12 - -
2 590 132 14 - -
3 660 134 16 - -
4 -
5 -
6 856 140 24 40 -
7 912 142 26 44 3
8 968 144 28 48 3
9 1024 146 30 52 4
10 1080 148 32 56 4
Weapon Ammo Lv.11-20
11 1136 152 33 58 5
12 1192 156 34 60 5
13 1248 160 35 62 6
14 1304 164 36 64 6
15 1360 168 38 68 7

Part Slots
These are the minimum part slots this aircraft carries at the respective levels. More can be added by repeatedly sortieing with the aircraft; when an aircraft's "part slot expansion point" requirement has been met, all three categories will receive +1 part slot. Leftover points carry over to the next expansion. Keep in mind that a maximum of 7 parts can be equipped at any time, regardless of available slots.

Lv.1-5 35 37 36
Lv.6-14 37 39 38
Lv.15-19 38 40 39
Lv.20 39 41 40

Upgrading this aircraft to these levels will unlock the respective nicknames for use at any time.

  • Lv.3: Third-rate Actor
  • Lv.10: Sky Dancer
  • Lv.15: Werewolf Squadron
  • Lv.20: Trickster


  • Default: Dark grey body with light grey trim


Ace Combat: Joint AssaultEdit

"Developed as a top secret project for the GA Plan and has extreme maneuver capabilities"

How to Unlock

The GAF-1 Varcolac is unlocked for purchase upon completing Reprisal on Ace difficulty with an S rank.


GAF-1 Varcolac was used by Varcolac Squadron. Each of the Varcolacs was customised based on the pilot's specialty. Milosz Sulejmani's Varcolac had great maneuverability, and was equipped with an automated gun system that could intercept incoming missiles.
After the air and surface assaults on San Francisco were repelled by Martinez Security and United States Third Fleet, the Golden Axe Plan deployed Varcolac Squadron with GAF-1 Varcolacs. They were ultimately shot down by Antares Squadron.


Speed: High
Air to Air: High
Air to Ground: High
Mobility: High
Stability: High
Defense: High

Special Weapons

Named Aces


  • Color 1: Black body
  • Color 2: Silver body
  • Color 3: Gun metallic top with red bottom
  • Color 4: Gray livery with two red stripes on the left wing
  • Color 5: Varcolac Squadron livery
  • Color 6: Sharkmouth



  • The designation "GAF-1" is never explained, but it could potentially stand for "Golden Axe Fighter".
  • The name Varcolac derives from vârcolac, which means "werewolf" in Romanian.


  1. Any spelling or grammatical errors preceding this reference are taken directly from the source in question.

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