The Gamescom Mission is a campaign mission in Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. Its position in the story is unknown. The player must assist friendly squadrons in escaping Yinshi Valley during a thunderstorm while being pursued by UAVs.[1]



Two allied squadrons—Cyclops Squadron and Strider Squadron—are attempting to leave the airspace, surrounded by thunderstorms. The player must avoid these thunderstorms and shoot down the UAVs threatening Cyclops and Strider. All UAVs must be destroyed, and destroying each one will save another friendly pilot.

Mission Update

A Mission Update is assumed for the mission, according to its dialogue when compared to the Gamescom 2017 trailer. Details are not available at this time.

Enemy List

The following enemy list is only an estimation from footage of the mission, and is subject to change upon the game's release.

Section Unit Points Count Notes
Initial Icon-AirTGT MQ-99 350 10


  1. File:Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown - Gamescom Commentary Gameplay.

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