The General Resource Defense Force (GRDF) is the private military branch of General Resource Limited. It was originally established to show the public the effectiveness of General Resource products, but was later repurposed to be the company's primary military force after repeated attacks from anti-corporation groups.[citation needed]


Sometime in the 2030s, the GRDF was engaged in a conflict with the United Air Defense, resulting in a short but fierce battle between the two factions.[2]

In 2040, as part of the Nemo simulation, Simon Orestes Cohen staged a virtual conflict between the GRDF and Neucom Incorporated's Neucom Emergency Unit across the Usean continent.[3] Within this simulated reality, the GRDF launched a hit-and-run on Megafloat with just two aircraft, followed by a massive attack on Port Edwards, destroying all Neucom facilities and NEU bases in the port.[citation needed]

List of Units






Support Aircraft

Naval Vessels

Ground Vehicles



  1. Only if the player chooses to side with Abyssal Dision during Paper Tiger.
  2. Ace Combat Advance.
  3. Japanese version of Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere.

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