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"An aggressor squadron comprised entirely of Belkan aces ... Well, that's the rumor, anyway. Even an old fox like me isn't sure they exist."
Pops[1] to Albert Genette

The 229th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Grabacr", also referred to as Grabacr Squadron and known to have operated under the alias "8492nd Squadron", was a covert aggressor unit of the Osean Air Defense Force comprised of Belkan pilots.

The squadron's pro-Belka sympathies, however, eventually compelled its members to join the "Grey Men" and become one of the provocateurs of the Circum-Pacific War.


Origins and formation

"Since you started calling yourselves the Grabacr Fighter Squadron in the last war, I got sick of flying in the same sky with ya."
Wolfgang Buchner[2] to Ashley Bernitz

Main articles: Belkan War, Operation Battle-Axe

Grabacr Squadron originated from the Belkan Air Force 6th Air Division's 4th Tactical Fighter Squadron. During the Belkan War, the unit began calling itself the "Grabacr Fighter Squadron" to reflect the callsign of its leader, Captain Ashley Bernitz.[3] Grabacr Squadron is known to have been present during the large-scale aerial engagement over Area B7R on May 28, 1995. During the course of the extended dogfight, Grabacr lost its flight lead after Bernitz broke off from the squadron and was shot down by the Allies' mercenary ace, callsign "Cipher"; Bernitz survived the encounter and returned to leading Grabacr soon afterward.[4]

Sometime after Belka's surrender, Grabacr was inducted into the Osean Air Defense Force as part of an effort to bolster its numbers by recruiting Belkan pilots.[1] The service history of Grabacr Squadron, now operating as the OADF's 229th Tactical Fighter Squadron,[5] remains unknown; despite this cooperative gesture, however, Grabacr's members continued to ally themselves with Belka.

Circum-Pacific War

Main article: Circum-Pacific War

At some point, Grabacr Squadron began conspiring with the secret organization known as the Grey Men to avenge Belka's defeat in 1995. Operating under the alias "8492nd Squadron", Grabacr perpetrated a series of unspecified events that compelled Yuktobania to begin spying on Osea.

Kidnapping Harling

8492nd Akerson Hill

The "8492nd Squadron" approaching Wardog and the transport's Akerson Hill landing site

"This is the Osean Air Force 8492nd Squadron ... Can you see us? You can leave the rest to us."
― Ashley Bernitz[6] to Wardog Squadron

Main article: Akerson Hill incident

On October 22, Grabacr's intervention was necessary to prevent the Osean president from holding peace talks with the Yuktobanian prime minister. Upon arriving at Akerson Hill's airspace, Ashley—under the guise of being the "8492nd leader"—relieved Wardog Squadron, promising to provide support until the crew of the president's transport was rescued.[6] Harling was subsequently kidnapped and taken into Belkan custody, which allowed hardliners to assume control of the Osean government in his absence.


Main article: Dresdene terrorist attack

On November 2, one day after Osea's invasion of Yuktobania, Grabacr attacked an engineering college in Dresdene and killed an indeterminate number of Yuktobanian civilians. Grabacr's false flag attack succeeded by inciting further anti-Osean sentiment among the Yuktobanian populous, which further intensified fighting along the frontlines.[7]

Attempts to eliminate Wardog Squadron

"Don't let them escape, no matter what. The future of Belka is hanging in the balance."
― Grabacr member[8]

Main article: Ambush at Vladimir

When Wardog Squadron was targeted for assassination by the Grey Men, Grabacr—once again posing as the friendly 8492nd Squadron—lured the Osean pilots into a failed ambush over the Vladimir Mountains.[8] To prevent Wardog from revealing their existence, Grabacr's members deceived their former colleague and Sand Island's adjutant base commander, Major Allen C. Hamilton, into believing that the Wardog pilots were Yuktobanian spies.[9]

Grabacr Squadron chasing Wardog

The "8492nd Squadron" pursuing the fugitive Wardog pilots over the Ceres Ocean

After Wardog commandeered four training jets and escaped Sand Island on December 7, the "8492nd Squadron" located and pursued the fugitive pilots through the Solo Islands. However, due to the islands' natural electromagnetic interference and Wardog's defensive flying, Grabacr lost sight of the fugitives and eventually broke off its pursuit.[2]

Sometime after the incident, Grabacr relocated to southwestern Belka to assist in the removal of several nuclear warheads from a storage facility beneath Mount Schirm. On December 11, a single unknown fighter penetrated the defensive radar network surrounding the facility; Grabacr scrambled to eliminate the black-liveried fighter, but was outran and unsuccessful.[10] Sometime before 1312hrs the following day, Grabacr helped escort three warheads safely away from Mount Schirm, which were destined for Belkan aggressors in both Osea and Yuktobania.[11]

Grabacr Dispersing

Grabacr Squadron breaking formation over the Pobeda Peninsula

Several weeks later, on December 23, Grabacr was dispatched to the Pobeda Peninsula to prevent the escape of the deposed Yuktobania prime minister. When Grabacr arrived at the target airspace, it was engaged and shot down by Razgriz Squadron[12]; however, all of the Grabacr pilots ejected to safety and quickly returned to service.


Grabacr and Ofnir Formation

Grabacr and Ofnir Squadrons over Oured Bay

"The two countries that defeated us will struggle in the grasps of this endless war!"
― Grabacr member[13]

Main article: Operation Arcadia

On December 31, Grabacr, accompanied by Ofnir Squadron, flew to Oured Bay to ensure that the Strategic Orbital Linear Gun (SOLG) descended through the atmosphere and impacted Osea's capital, Oured. During their approach towards the capital, Grabacr and Ofnir encountered Razgriz Squadron, which was bound for the satellite's descent point. Despite outnumbering the Razgriz two to one, the Belkans were shot down in the ensuing dogfight.[13] All of Grabacr's pilots are presumed to have been killed in action, and the squadron was likely disbanded soon afterward.




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