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The Gripen C, also known as the JAS-39C Gripen, is a multirole aircraft.

It made its debut in Air Combat, subsequently appearing in numerous titles.



The JAS-39C had seen use in many conflicts.

During the Skully Islands insurrection, a notable user of the aircraft was Scarface Squadron pilot "Flitz".

During the Belkan War, the Gripen C was part of the Belkan Air Force's arsenal of aircraft. The most well-known user was the Indigo Squadron, led by Dimitri Heinreich.[1]

During the Circum-Pacific War, the Yuktobanian Air Force operated the aircraft during Operation Doodlebug. The Wisna Squadron was a known unit by being the main defense force of Cruik Fortress.[2]

During the Aurelian War, the aircraft was part of the Aurelian Air Force's inventory as well as the Leasath Air Force. It was employed by the Gryphus Squadron during their assault on Cobalt Cave.[3]

Joint Assault universe

The aircraft was made available for Antares Squadron during the Valahia Crisis.

Assault Horizon universe

Warwolf Squadron and Task Force 108 had access to the aircraft during the New Russian Federation uprising.

Infinity universe

Thanks to the Advanced Automated Aviation technology within the Infinity universe, the Gripen C was available for mass production. Mercenary pilots from all over the world, including among those allied with the United Nations Forces during Operation Eternal Liberation used this aircraft. The aircraft was also utilised by the USEA Federation during the conflict.

Game Analysis

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  • In many Ace Combat games, the Gripen C has one IRST sensor on the nose, positioned near the cockpit. In real life, the IRST sensor doesn't exist on the JAS-39C. This feature will be introduced on the JAS-39 Gripen NG. Oddly enough, the IRST mounted on the Super Gripen is located in the same place and looks identical to the one in Ace Combat. It is not known if it was a coincidence.[4]
  • In Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, this is the only multirole aircraft that can equip Rocket Launchers, not counting the DLC ASF-X Shinden II or AV-8B Harrier II plus.


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