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The H-9 is a series of helicopters produced the Strangereal world, consisting of a number of aircraft based on the SH-60/HH-60 gunship.

The Sea Goblin unit of the Osean Maritime Defense Force used an HH-9B rescue variant through the Circum-Pacific War. A civilian version of unknown designation was also produced, one of which was used by a news network in Bana City.

The UH-9, a presumed export version, was used by combat crews of the Republic of Emmeria such as the unit known as Yellow Jacket, as well as Estovakia years later in the Emmeria-Estovakia War; the former was painted in a simple gray color and the latter in a two-color desert pattern.


  • The HH-9B appears to have retractable landing gear, which the real life UH-60/SH-60 doesn't have. Also, the HH-9B in "Ice Cage" appears to have the ability of launching missiles, even if the actual aircraft doesn't physically have wings or weapon stations where these missiles could be located, although this is likely due to lower detail of the aircraft model in Ace Combat 5.  The UH-9s seen in Ace Combat 6, however, have weapons pods mounted on stub wings, possibly meant to represent Hellfire missile launchers.
  • In the real world, the HH- designation ("Heavy Helicopter") of the Osean variant is used for helicopters designed for Search and Rescue (SAR) or Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) missions, such as the HH-60 Pavehawk.


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