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The Ludwig Family is a royal family of Belkan origin, which is featured in the Assault Records of Ace Combat: The Belkan War. The House of Ludwig is remembered for many things, including the fact that it is home to generations of victorious soldiers. Originating from the Belkan Royal Dynasty, ancestors of the House of Ludwig have stood in renown, even in the Legend of Totenheim.

During the Belkan War, the Ludwig Family garnered the protection of the popular government through generous donations, but with the end of the war and a change in government, seven generations of the House of Ludwig had come to an end.

Known Members of the House of Ludwig

Krabber Ludwig

More information: List of aces in Ace Combat Zero#057

First known member of the Ludwig Family, he was a knight of the Belkan Royal Dynasty like his ancestors. Shot down & killed during the Allied retreat from the Schayne Plains in May 19, 1995 (Operation Alpha).

Daniel Ludwig

More information: List of aces in Ace Combat Zero#060 Second known member of the House of Ludwig, shot down after he engaged retreating Allied forces during the Excalibur attacks in the Schayne Plains in 5/19/1995 (Operation Beta). Arrested after the Belkan War, charged for war crimes. Released after serving his sentence, becoming a vagrant.

Gerhard Ludwig

More information: List of aces in Ace Combat Zero#063

Third and last known member of the House of Ludwig; shot down by withdrawing Allied aircraft during the May 19, 1995 (Operation Delta) Excalibur strikes in the Schayne Plains. Left from Belkan soil to an unknown southern country, where he later fell ill and passed away.


  • The three known Ludwig brothers are all engaged in the same mission, albeit the pilot will depend on the chosen operation (e.g. Krabber/Strom is battled in Operation A ).


Assault Records - Sections #057/60/63

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