The ISAF Air Force is the airborne branch of the Independent State Allied Forces military. As part of the coalition forces allied against Erusea, the ISAF Air Force was comprised of aircraft, aircrews, and pilots contributed by the ISAF member nations.[1]

During the Second Usean Continental War, the ISAF Air Force suffered extensive losses as a result of Erusea's deployment of Stonehenge; the resulting loss of air supremacy forced ISAF to retreat to the east and eventually withdraw from the mainland.[2]

The ISAF would later come to rely on its air forces to execute numerous strategic missions along the east coast and give the ISAF an opportunity to launch a counteroffensive. The ISAF Air Force, bolstered by the actions of its ace pilot, Mobius 1, would contribute to the series of ISAF victories that brought about an end to the war.[1]

Combat squadrons

Support aircraft

ISAF aircraft






Helicopters (ISAF helicopters are heard but never appear)


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