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Ilya Pasternak
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Brownish Black
Eye Color Grey
Skin Color Brown
Blood Type B
Biographical Information
Also Known As Strigon Leader
Birth 1979/1980
Death March 31, 2016
Nationality Federal Republic of Estovakia
Ranks/Titles Lieutenant Commander
Equipment CFA-44 Nosferatu
Affiliations Estovakian Air Force (9th Tactical Fighter Squadron)
Real World Information
Appearances Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation
Voice Actor Steve Van Wormer
"Its time to let my sins take reign. This is the inevitable fate Ulysses heralded in!"
― Ilya Pasternak
Ilya Pasternak (イリヤ·パステルナーク Iriya Pasuterunāku) was the leading ace of the Estovakian Air Force, and the second-in-command of the 9th TFS Strigon after Colonel Victor Voychek was shot down. Notable achievements include the Golden Medal of Marksmanship.


Early LifeEdit

Pasternak's flight career began at the outbreak of the Estovakian Civil War. Flying for the Eastern Faction, his

Assault Record for Ilya Pasternak

natural flight skills allowed him to quickly rise on the ranks of the Estovakian Air Force, thus earning him a position on the elite Vampire Team, which would soon transition into the 9th Tactical Fighter Squadron.

During the preparations for the invasion of the neighboring Republic of Emmeria, the Strigon Team was relocated to the P-1112 Aigaion Heavy Command Cruiser, which became their center of operations.

Anean Continental WarEdit

In March 2016, several months after the Takeover of Gracemeria, Ilya Pasternak was called in from Estovakia to replace former Strigon commander Victor Voychek, who had been shot down during the battle, which crippled his right leg, to support the ever weakening Estovakian forces, who couldn't suppress the counterattack of the Emmerian forces, all while being led by the ace Garuda One of the 28th Fighter Squadron. Ilya was summoned with the direct purpose of facing Garuda 1 in combat. Moreover, Ilya was naturally fearing for enemy ace Talisman's status, which was endangered after violating a direct order of withdrawal from the Emmerian Joint Chiefs of Staff during the Battle of Moloch Desert, which could possibly draw Talisman out of the battlefield.

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Last StandEdit

In March 31, 2016, the Emmerian forces, spearheaded by the Garuda Team, commenced Operation: Free Gracemeria in order to retake their capital. While the battle was long & difficult, spanning the entirety of the city, the Emmerians eventually became victorious, and the war apparently had finally ended. However, while everyone thought that their journey to freedom was over, a massive 15-craft Strigon formation, led by Ilya Pasternak himself, who was in control of the experimental CFA-44 Nosferatu, flew into the battle zone to attempt to push back the Emmerian forces. Ilya, having the opportunity of confronting the top ace of Emmeria, ordered the entire Strigon team to escape Gracemerian airspace, while having a heated argument with wingman Toscha Mijasik. Upon the Strigon team's withdrawal, Ilya made himself known to the Emmerian forces; the real battle was about to begin. Pasternak had the upper hand with a massive swarm of UCAVs & the cutting-edge ADMM micromissile deployment system alongside a radar stealth system, which made him the most dangerous foe Garuda Team had ever faced. Nevertheless, Talisman & Shamrock managed to outsmart the Estovakian ace, while systematically stripping him of his combat capabilities via direct assaults.

After a grueling confrontation, the Nosferatu was critically damaged, and spun out of control. Pasternak, knowing that his life was coming to a close, said his last words before his plane exploded from the skies.

"The Strigon team has fled the airspace. We've won...."
― Pasternak's last words


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