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The KC777 ASST is a fictional tanker aircraft developed by the corporation General Resource LTD.


The KC777 is operated exclusively by the General Resource Defense Force, the military arm of General Resource. It can double as both a tanker and a transport aircraft if needed. It uses an unconventional "jungle green" body paint, deviating from the more traditional gray used by most tankers.

An aircraft featured in Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere, it is encountered a few times through the course of the story. It is generally found in refueling sections during the General Resource arc, in which they serve the same role of the EK-17U, the refueling plane used by the UPEO.


  • The aircraft's namesake is the identically named "KC-777", a proposed tanker model of the Boeing 777 airliner which would have served as a replacement of the KC-767 refueling aircraft.
  • The full name of the aircraft is not revealed anywhere in Ace Combat 3. It is only ever shown during the scene of Nemo's "purge" after completing achieving all five endings.

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