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The Ka-50 Hokum (known in Russia as "Black Shark") is a coaxial attack helicopter manufactured by Kamov.



Ka-50s were employed by the ground forces or air force of Erusea during the Usean Continental War. A squadron of helicopters were deployed in a failed attempt to contain ISAF armored forces during the liberation of San Salvacion.

Infinity Universe

The Ka-50 was one of the helicopter designs stored for production by the Advanced Automated Aviation plants of Wernher and Noah Enterprises after the Ulysses Disaster. Copies produced from captured WNE facilities in Europe were manned by terrorists during the 2019 uprising in Eurasia.

Game analysis

How to Unlock

This aircraft is unavailable to the player in this game.


This Russian attack helicopter was developed as the successor to the Mi-24. Coaxial rotors provide it with high maneuverability, allowing it to move quickly across the battlefield. For a helicopter, it has remarkable air-to-air combat ability making it deadly at short range combat. Its NATO codename is "Hokum".
Download aircraft. Unlocked by default in Enhanced Edition.
Speed: Low
Mobility: Below Average
Stability: Medium
Fire Power: Medium
Defense: Low
RKTL x36
SAAM x10
UGB x12
Color 1: Flecktarn camouflage.
Color 2: Blue disruptive camouflage pattern.
Color 3: Black body. Modeled after the Ka-50s displayed by Russia at Farnborough Air Show 1992, event where the aircraft was first revealed to the public.


How to Unlock

This aircraft is unavailable to the player in this game.


Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

  • When playing with the Ka-50 in Free Mission, copilot Jack can be heard talking, despite the aircraft being single seat.

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