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The Kalana Steppes were a desert in Aurelia.


Located in Aurelia's Lenal County, the Kalana Steppes were a desertic rangeland region located northwest of Santa Elva. Prior to the modern era, the area was the home of an ancient civilization that erected several fortifications across the steppes, which fell into disuse and were eventually abandoned. A makeshift freeway ran through the region, serving as a connection with nearby metropolitan areas.[1]

Aurelian War

In 2020, in the middle stages of the Aurelian War, a large force of Leasath troops that abandoned Santa Elva after the destruction of the Gleipnir fled to the Kalana Steppes to reorganize themselves and plan an effort to retake the city. The force was intended to receive reinforcements from Sachana Air Base and the Hamlet Unit, which planned to release chemical weapons as part of the intended operation.[1]

After the liberation of Santa Elva, the Gryphus Squadron attacked and destroyed the force's various camps stationed throughout the desert, putting an early end to their plans.[1]


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