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The Kfir C.7 (known in Ace Combat 2 as the KF-C7) is a license-built version of the Dassault Mirage IIIC, built for the Israeli Air Force. It has made its sole appearance in Ace Combat 2.



The Kfir C.7 was used by both Usean Rebel Forces and the Scarface Squadron during the Usean Continental War.

Game analysis

Ace Combat 2

The aircraft is referred to in this game as KF-C7.

How to Unlock

Complete mission 1: Gambit on normal mode. Costs $60,000.


  • Power: Medium
  • Defense: Medium-Low
  • Mobility: Medium-Low
  • Stability: High
  • Climbing Ability: Medium
  • Air to Air Combat: Medium
  • Ground Attack: Medium



  • Ally: Brown body with dark brown wing/tail trim
  • Ally/FRND: Light brown body with green wing/tail trim
  • Enemy type A: Sand brown body
  • Enemy type B: Dark purple body



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