Khesed Island is a large island located off the west coast of Anea.[1] The island is home to the medieval city of Vitoze,[2] the snowy plain of Sipli Field[3] and Mount Marcello, where the massive Republic of Emmeria Army installation—Bartolomeo Fortress—is situated.[4]  


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Following the loss of Gracemeria, the Emmerians steadily lost ground to the Estovakian offensive. Eventually, the Emmerians were pushed back to Vitoze, a city in the southwest corner of Khesed Island.[5]

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On November 24, 2015, a large-scale formation of Estovakian bombers headed towards Campagna airport in Vitoze in an attempt to finish off the Emmerians. However, the bombing ended in failure thanks to the effort of Garuda Team.[2]

Khesed Island Retreat

The Emmerian retreat to Vitoze

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After the battle of Vitoze, the Estovakian Air Force in Khesed was severely weakened; as a result, on November 27, 2015, the Emmerians sent several armored battalions to recapture Sipli Field in central Khesed. The armored battalions and their air support were able to destroy the Estovakian forces in Sipli Field, which resulted in the Estovakians being forced to retreat from the front line to Bartolomeo Fortress on Mount Marcello.[3]

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On December 21, 2015, the Emmerians launched an offensive to capture Bartolomeo Fortress and drive the Estovakians off of Khesed Island once and for all. Despite the arrival of enemy reinforcements, including two members of the infamous Strigon Team, Bartolomeo Fortress was recaptured, and Khesed was once again under Emmerian control.[4]

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After the recapture of Bartolomeo Fortress, the Emmerians began preparations for a landing on the mainland, and Khesed would not see any more battles for the rest of the war.[6]



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