"Woof! Woof! Woof!"
― Kirk[1]

Kirk was an adult black Labrador Retriever and Alvin H. Davenport's pet. His likeness was the inspiration for the OADF Wardog Squadron's name and emblem.[2]


In late 2010, Kirk resided at Sand Island Air Force Base under the care of his owner, 2nd Lt. Alvin H. Davenport. Kirk was mostly confined to Davenport's quarters,[3] although he occasionally played fetch outside on the tarmac.[4]

After Davenport was killed in action on November 29, Kirk fell into the care of Peter N. Beagle ("Pops"). On December 7, Beagle was accused of espionage and fled Sand Island with Kirk and the Wardog pilots aboard stolen Hawk training jets.[5] Kirk sat on Albert Genette's lap in the cockpit's rear passenger seat while Pops maneuvered the aircraft through the Solo Islands. When Cpt. Marcus Snow pretended to shoot down the fugitives, Kirk ejected from the speeding aircraft with Genette and safely landed in the Ceres Ocean.[1] Kirk and his companions were later rescued by the Sea Goblin helicopter team and brought to the OFS Kestrel.

Kirk remained aboard the Kestrel for the next few weeks, living in Pops' cabin and chasing Hans Grimm around the carrier's flight deck.[6] After the war, Kirk is shown on Sand Island's abandoned tarmac, looking up into the sky and then howling. It is possible that Kirk and Pops still reside on the island in some capacity.[7]


  • Kirk is the only dog in history to eject out of a moving aircraft without difficulty.
  • In one of the dialogues during the escape from Sand Island, it seems that Blaze is capable of communicating with Kirk.


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