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"Driving a fighter that vows to be always knightly and proud."
― Lancer Motto

The USEA Unified Air Force 16th Air Force 4th Fighter Wing 3rd Squadron "Lancer", is an elite fighter squadron led by the son of an Air Force Major General of USEA, Albert Wahlberg, the squadron is notable for mirroring the Belkan pilot tradition of calling themselves "Knights" and hold a deep pride of themselves. Because of this, these elitist views causes them to look down on other units such as the Special Tactical Fighter Squadron "Scarface".

History Edit

Nothing much is known about Lancer Squadron, however, there are things that can be inferred about this unit of Usea by their lead pilot Albert Wahlberg. According to his records, he was the son of a Major General of the USEA Allied Airforce and was groomed to one day become a major figure in politics. Much like Detlef Fleisher, he bore a deep sense of justice and pride for USEA, which caused him to join the rebel forces when many of the southern nations of USEA intended to join the Osean Federation. Also, it can be noted that he has a habit to look down on others, which is reflected by the rest of his squadron when they encounter Phoenix.

Their style of combat mirrors that of a joust, where the entire Squadron will line up side by side in a single row, and charge at their target: firing a barrage of missiles and machine gun fire at the same time. Unlike a certain plane that made it necessary to play this game of "Aerial Jousting", they didn't have the benefit of extra shielding, making their strategy fatally flawed.

Mission 02: Easy Monkey Edit

Lancer 2: "This is Lancer 2 to Lancer 1. Our target is the allied forces--"
Lancer 1 Albert Wahlberg: "I’ve read the report. We’re up against some Mercenary Dogs. They’re nothing more but lowly hacks compared to us. Lancer Squadron… Show them just who rules the skies!"
–Communication between Lancer 2 to Lancer 1 Albert Wahlberg before engaging Phoenix

In Mission 02 Easy Money, Allied Command has discovered that the Rebels intend to spy on the Twinkle Island area to discover the movements of Scarface Squadron. However, Allied Command had already discovered that their reconnaissance unit will arrive from the Lambert Mountains region, so Scarface 1 is sent in alone to prevent them from discovering anything.

After the entire recon unit was shot down by Phoenix, Lancer Squadron finally arrived to avenge their fallen comrades and defeat Phoenix. However, their tactic of committing to a single charge more than engaging him in dogfights proved to be their undoing when Phoenix dodged their attacks to get behind them, picking them off one by one. Refusing to admit defeat should Albert be the last one flying, Albert will valiantly continue the charges by himself till he himself is sent plummeting to the Earth. With Lancer Squadron down, the Rebel forces begin to acknowledge Phoenix as a threat to be concerned with.


  • Because of their attitude towards Phoenix being a Mercenary pilot and their constant reference towards themselves as Knights, coupled with Andrew Wahlberg's TAC name being "Pride" and that Lancer is the first elite squadron faced in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy, it is entirely possible that Lancer Squadron was intended to be a reference to the Belkan Air Force's 2nd Air Division 52nd Tactical Fighter Squadron "Rot". Note that when they enter, their dialog towards Phoenix mirrors almost precisely what Rot's Detlef Fleisher said towards Galm Team.
  • In Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception, there is an ace by the name of "LANCER" who appears in Firestorm. The ace uses a MiG-1.44.

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