The Democratic Republic of Leasath (レサス民主共和国)[1] or Peoples Republic of Leasath,[2] is a nation located in southern Osea. It is bordered by the Federal Republic of Aurelia to the southwest and multiple unspecified nations to the west, north and northeast.[3]

Leasath carries ideologies similar to that of a fascistic state and boasts an impressive military which utilizes many advanced technologies.


All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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Civil War and Strife (2019-2020)

The Leasathian Research and Development Program planned for a future arms industry market all over the world (including the Fenrir, a fighter that they plan to sell all over the world making huge profits) had backfired and caused the collapse of their economy. A war was then fought, later known as the Leasath Civil War.

Invasion of Aurelia (2020)

A mere year later, unbelievably, Leasath invaded Aurelia, its peaceful neighbor to the south. Its reason for this was "Retribution for years of exploitation." Aurelia had apparently financed the civil war and wanted to see Leasath crumble. This later turned out to be untrue. Within 10 days after declaring war, 95% of Aurelia fell under Leasath control, and its forces were crushed. The Gleipnir, Leasath's airborne fortress, was the reason for Aurelia's quick fall. Despite pressure from Osea, Leasath continued its advance into Aurelia.

Counter Strike (2020)

A small base in southwestern Aurelia, Aubrey Air Force Base, had not fallen under Leasath control. Leasath Central Command sent out a squadron of B-52 Stratofortress bombers to destroy the base and bring Aurelia fully under their control. Unfortunately, Gryphus Squadron destroyed all bombers and fighter escorts, shocking Leasath Central Command. Aurelia still had a small air force, and that needed to change. The Gleipnir was flying over the Puna Plains and was ordered to launch an Shock Wave Ballistic Missile at Gryphus Squadron to ensure their destruction. The SWBM impacted and three Aurelian pilots were killed but Gryphus One, Five and Six survived. All seemed lost for Aurelia after this turn of events.

A Further Push (2020)

Despite the staggering loss, Aurelia continued to push southwards towards Port Patterson, a major port and resupply base for Leasath forces. A small forward outpost, Puna Base, was destroyed by Aurelian fighters, and came under their control. Port Patterson was put on high alert, but that proved futile. Gryphus 1 and two Aurelian fighters escorted an assault team, bent on bringing the port under Aurelian control. Despite their best efforts, many ships were sunk and fighters were shot down. This was a momentous event for Aurelia, but a long and brutal road lay ahead.

Gleipnir and Loss of Territory (October of 2020)

The Gleipnir, Leasath's airborne fortress and superweapon, was a danger to Aurelian forces. Its base was on Terminus Island and a large Aurelian fleet sent to destroy it. The Gleipnir used its Shock Cannon to vaporize the Aurelian Third Fleet. It then proceeded to destroy the remaining Aurelian fleet sent to destroy it. Suddenly, Gryphus 1 appeared and dealt a severe blow to the Gleipnir. Its optical camouflage system was disabled and its SWBM launch ports were destroyed. The Gleipnir gained altitude and escaped to Santa Elva. Leasath began losing in every battle it fought. Multiple ground battalions were annihilated at Stand Canyon and a failed mission to retake Port Patterson resulted in the destruction of the Miller Unit and its 3rd Artillery Division, an elite special forces unit, at Kingshill. Most of the Leasath forces were retreated beyond Santa Elva and waited for the inevitable Aurelian attack.

Loss of Santa Elva (October of 2020)

The attack came, sooner than expected. The Gleipnir was still undergoing repair, and was not fully functional. Its AA and SAM sites were the only viable weapons that were functioning and its Shock Cannon was rendered useless. Pummeled repeatedly by missiles, its conventional weapons were destroyed, the Gleipnir appears to be finished. Its Captain lost his mind and somehow managed to flip the Gleipnir upside down, with the intent to fire the Shock Cannon on Gryphus 1. The plan failed and the Gleipnir crashed outside of Santa Elva. The news reached Leasath High Command in Griswall, and the capital was fortified and protected by Meson Cannon from incoming attack.

Leasath's fortunes did not improve. Leasath Central Command came to the reluctant conclusion that they had seriously underestimated Aurelia's strike capabilities. Operations in central Aurelia were halted after the another by Gryphus 1, now known as Nemesis. All forces in the Kalana Steppes were destroyed as well as the Hamlet Unit, a biological warfare special forces unit. Sachana Air Base, a largest air force base in Aurelia, was seized by the Nemesis as well as the destruction of the Skylla Unit, a elite anti-air special forces unit. The Nevera Jammer was destroyed and the jamming over Griswall and the surrounding area was stopped. Monte Breeze was retaken and six XC-01 transport planes were shot down. The capital, Griswall was ready to be retaken.

Griswall (December of 2020)

Another crippling blow to Leasath forces was delivered on December 15, 2020. Aurelian ground forces stormed the capital with heavy air support. The Meson Cannon was destroyed in an instant by Gryphus 1, leaving Griswall wide open. The Atmos Ring took serious damage as well. Gaiuss Tower sustained missile hits, but did not sustain structural damage. All enemy ground forces were eliminated, and the capital was seized by Aurelia. Diego Navarro, Leasath's commanding officer, fled before the attack in his personal C-17A Globemaster III transport plane.

Fenrir and Utter Defeat (mid-December of 2020)

Navarro's escaping transport was followed by Otus Squadron to a secret complex on Sentry Island. Suddenly, two camouflaged fighters named Fenrir sneak behind Otus and shot them down, but not before they could identify their hideout as Archelon Fortress.

Aurelia Central Command immediately mobilized Gryphus Squadron to avert the threat.

Leasath's final days were fraught with debilitating defeats and staggering losses. Its research facility at Cobalt Cave was destroyed, as well as the prototype HPM weapon for the Fenrir. Alect Squadron was shot down by Gryphus 1 and the Leasath Navy was crushed single-handedly.

Leasath's final stand was at Archelon Fortress, December 24, 2020. Gryphus Squadron and Aquila Squadron assaulted the fortress. The fortress sent up its Fenrirs, Su-37 Terminators, 1x Ace Su-47 Berkut and F-15S/MTDs, but it was to no avail. Every aircraft, including the Fenrirs were shot down. Gryphus 1 then entered the fortress and destroyed it from the inside. Archelon Fortress exploded in a massive shockwave, taking with Leasath's last chance for redemption. Navarro, who was in the capital city of Alendai trumpeting the glory of Fenrir, was shocked to see the destruction of Archelon Fortress on the video feed.

Depending on actions taken by the player, Navarro may suffer two different fates. If the player completes every single mission on the way to Archelon fortress, the enraged crowd storms the stage. Navarro is presumably killed by the crowd and the Fenrir mockup is destroyed. Otherwise, Navarro escapes before the crowd can react and goes into hiding.




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