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Lighthouse is a space elevator located on the Spring Sea,[1] near an undetermined city.[2] It is defended by an aerial warship designated as FAS.[3]


Lighthouse Sunset

Lighthouse during a sunset

Lighthouse reaches 100,000 km (~62,137 miles) into the sky.[3] No further details on the design of Lighthouse are known.


The FAS was deployed against an Osean F-22A Raptor, which was engaging Erusian Su-30Ms near Lighthouse. FAS launched its MQ-101 UAVs to engage the Osean aircraft. Currently no other details are known about this engagement.[4]



  • Lighthouse is the tallest structure in the series, surpassing the Gaiuss Tower in Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception.
  • If Strangereal's Earth features the same physics as our real Earth, the top of Lighthouse surpasses the threshold for geostationary orbit by about 64,200 km. Unless Lighthouse is made of an incredibly-strong material, this would mean that Lighthouse would not be able to withstand the lateral forces produced by the planet's rotation, causing it to eventually crash.


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