The International Space Elevator (ISEV) is a space elevator located next to Selatapura in Axel Bay, Usea. Its location is close to the Erusean controlled Gunther Sound.[1] It is defended by multiple Arsenal Bird aerial warships.[2]


Lighthouse reaches 100,000 km (~62,137 miles) into the sky.[2] No further details on the design of Lighthouse are known.


Main article: Osea-Erusea Conflict

Sometime before the Osea-Erusea Conflict, Osea began building the Lighthouse in Erusean territory, despite the latter's protest. This event provided one of the catalysts that lead up to the war between the two countries. Following Erusea's declaration of war against the Osean Federation, Erusea captured the International Space Elevator for an unknown purpose.[1]




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