During the Usean Continental War in Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies, 18 Erusian aces were engaged and shot down by Mobius One. The majority of these aces came from the Federal Erusian Air Force but some may have been members of the Federal Erusian Navy's naval air force.

The aces only appear during the second and following playthroughs of the campaign (via SP New Game), as well as in the Free Mission mode (unlocked after the first playthrough). They only appear on Normal difficulty or above. They do not appear on the radar unless the player is close to them.

List of Aces

# Name Callsign Aircraft Mission
00. F-4E Biela Biela F-4E Phantom II N/A
Location: This "ace" doesn't actually exist as an enemy in the game, but their paint scheme becomes available for purchase after starting an SP new game. "BIELA" is written on the F-4E paint's tail fin.
01. F-5E Wang Wang F-5E Tiger II 01
Location: North of Newfield Island.
02. A-10 Ciffred Ciffreo A-10A Thunderbolt II 02
Location: Above the lake to the north of Rigley Air Base.
03. F-16 Tempel Tempel F-16C Fighting Falcon 03
Location: To the south-west of Schezna Radar 2 (the western radar cluster).
04. MIR-2000 Rigaux Rigaux Mirage 2000 04
Location: North of the E-767 jammer convoys.
05. MIG-29 Markos Markos MiG-29A Fulcrum 05
Location: West of the mainland oil refinery.
06. F-14 Levy Levy F-14A Tomcat 06
Location: At the very north of the map, north of New Comberth Harbor.
07. TND-IDS De Vico De Vico Tornado IDS 07
Location: Far north of the solar power plant.
08. F/A-18 Vaisala Vaisala F/A-18C Hornet 08
Location: Over the large island east of the rocket base.
09. F-15C Tuttle Tuttle F-15C Eagle 09
Location: North of the mountains by the central beach.
10. R-M01 Faye Faye Rafale M 10
Location: North-west of the resupply base, west of the submarine dock.
11. SU-35 Neujmin Neujmin Su-35 Super Flanker 11
Location: South-eastern corner of the map. It is recommended to wait until the fourth enemy wave before going after this ace, otherwise the risk of civilian casualties is too high.
12. F-2 Urata Urata F-2A Viper Zero 12
Location: North of Stonehenge.
13. F-15E Gunn Gunn F-15E Strike Eagle 13
Location: South of the arrival point of the enemy aircraft after the Mission Update.
14. F-22 Abell Abell F-22A Raptor 14
Location: North-east of the starting position, near the center of the northern border.
15. EF-2000 Olmstead Olmstead EF-2000 Typhoon 15
Location: In the center of the map.
16. F-117 Kwee Kwee F-117A Nighthawk 16
Location: Near the center of the western map border.
17. F-15 Active Halley Halley F-15S/MTD "Active" Eagle 17
Location: North-west of Farbanti, along the western coastline.
18. S-37 Smirnova Smirnova S-37A 18
Location: Far north of Megalith
19. SU-37 Yellow Yellow 13 Su-37 Terminator N/A
Location: Missions 05, 08, 12, 15 & 17, but his paint scheme is not unlocked until all other aces have been shot down. "013" is written in yellow on each side of the nose under the cockpit.


  • All of the aces are named after famous astronomers (except Yellow 13, whose name is unknown).
  • The ace's aircraft usually correspond to the type of targets that are present in the mission. If there are both ground and air targets, the ace's aircraft is likely to be multirole, whereas if only ground targets are present, it is likely to be an "attacker" or an air to ground aircraft.
  • Smirnova is likely to be a female ace, because in the Russian naming system, "a" is added to the ending of a female's name if it ends with "v" (in this case, "a" is added to "Smirnov"). In addition, the real life astronomer the ace is named after happens to be a Russian female.

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