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This article lists minor or otherwise unimportant characters in the Ace Combat series that do not merit their own article. These may also include, but are not limited to, cameos.

In Air Combat

In Ace Combat 2

In Ace Combat 3

In Ace Combat 04

  • Viper Squadron
  • Omega Squadron
  • Rapier Squadron

In Ace Combat 5


  • Baker
  • Svenson

The "Nuggets"

Wardog Training Engagement
  • Aero
  • Cavalier
  • Jive
  • Mustang
  • Barney


  • Pix

In Ace Combat Zero

  • Altair Squadron
  • Halo Squadron

In Ace Combat 6

  • Emmerian Squadron Pilots
  • Emmerian Policemen
  • Ambrosia Team

In Ace Combat Advance

In Ace Combat X

In Ace Combat Xi

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