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Below is a list of Campaign Mode missions in Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception. See also Ace Combat X Skies of Deception: Ace/Star unit locations.


# Title / Operation Date Location
01 Skies of Deception
Cape Aubrey
Gryphus One stops a Leasath bomber squadron from destroying his home base, Aubrey Air Force Base.
02 Out of the Fire
Puna Plains
With the loss of almost his entire squadron to the Gleipnir aerial fortress, Gryphus One assaults Puna Base, surprising Leasath soldiers and forcing them to abandon the base.
03A Prelude
Port Patterson
Gryphus One assaults the city of Port Patterson, preventing three landing units entering the port.
03B Captive City
Port Patterson
With the loss of Port Patterson, Gryphus One attacks the Leasath Miller Unit settling into the port complex, taking back the port.
04A Last Line of Defence
Gryphus One prevents the enemy Miller Unit in Kingshill from taking back Port Patterson.
04B False Target
Gryphus One prevents a Leasath munition supply for the Gleipnir from reaching Santa Elva.
05A Rolling Thunder
Stand Canyon
Gryphus One saves the allied Davis Unit that was cut off from the main unit in Stand Canyon.
05B Pinned Down
Stand Canyon
The Davis Unit is almost destroyed, when Gryphus One is able to hold off the enemy until allies arrive to back away the enemy.
06A The Midnight Sun
Terminus Island
Gryphus One prevents the allied fleet being decimated by destroying the airborne fortress Gleipnir optical camoflauge and SWBM, forcing the Gleipnir to retreat to Santa Elva.
06B Ice Bound
Terminus Island
An Aurelian scientist is rescued by an allied submarine, the Naiad, with the help of Gryphus One, but the Naiad is later forced to surface after hitting a mine, however Gryphus One stops the Naiad hitting an iceberg and being sunk by enemy aircraft.
07A Standoff in the Skies I
Santa Elva
Gryphus One takes on the badly damaged Gleipnir, with its optical camouflage and SWBM disabled. At first, it uses conventional weapons, but later uses the Shock Cannon, however Gryphus One is able to destroy the fortress by destroying the Shock Cannon.
07B Standoff in the Skies II
Santa Elva
Gryphus One takes on a fully powered Gleipnir over Santa Elva in the process when the Gleipnir is destroying the allied ground units rescued at Stand Canyon, destroying the optical camouflage and SWBM, before the Gleipnir crew chooses to use the Shock Cannon on the city, but is destroyed in the process of descent into the city.
07C Time Limit
Santa Elva
The enemy Hamlet Unit takes over the city, and releases the nerve gas Cynocrine into the city. Gryphus One neutralizes the gas, letting citizens breath fresh air.
08A Striking Point
Kalana Steppes
Enemy forces settling in the Kalana Steppes are destroyed by Gryphus One, despite reinforcements from Sachana AFB showing up.
08B The Wasteland
Kalana Steppes
Enemy forces in the Kalana Steppes, preparing to assault Santa Elva, are destroyed by Gryphus One.
09A Blitz
Sachana AFB
Gryphus One flies through a sweeping radar net over the Raven Woods into an assault onto Sachana Air Force Base, destroying enemy aircraft and the elite sharpshooting Skylla Unit.
09B A Diversion
Sachana AFB
With the Skylla Unit having left Sachana Air Base, Gryphus One escorts a unit of CH-47 Chinook helicopters into the base to secure it.
10A Joint Operation
Monte Breeze
An Aurelian recon unit infiltrates the Monte Breeze Industrial Area to spy on enemy transport activity. Gryphus One is sent in to destroy the transports.
10B Break In
Monte Breeze
Gryphus One prevents more transports leaving Monte Breeze, but a group of civilians calling themselves the "Aurelian Liberation Corps" try to infiltrate the factories there, only to the squadron's horror that the factories are rigged with explosives. Gryphus One destroys the factory explosives and landmines, and the ALC eventually learns of the explosives.
11A In Pursuit I
Mount Nevera
Gryphus One destroys the Mount Nevera Jammer, giving a clear view of the capital and Monte Breeze.
11B In Pursuit II
Mount Nevera
Gryphus One destroys the jammer, despite the Skylla Unit knocking down the guidance towers to the defence system power plants and shooting at him.
12A Gaiuss Tower
Gryphus One leads ground forces into the Atmos Ring isolating the city of Griswall from the outskirts, and destroys ground forces in an attempt to defend the capital, as well destroying the Meson Cannon, and the enemy ground forces liberate Griswall by taking the central command, the Gaiuss Tower.
12B Atmos Ring
With the MBSRs brought in from Monte Breeze, Gryphus One destroys the Meson Cannon, as well as all enemy aircraft, liberating Griswall.
12C Wild Card
The Aurelian Liberation Corps have found their way into the capital, and have locked enemy forces out. Gryphus One is sent to destroy the enemy forces attempting to overrun the A.L.C., but the Skylla Unit appears and fires medium-range Scud missiles at the city. As a result, Gryphus One shoots down all inbound missiles, and the capital is soon liberated.
13A Alect Squadron
Danern Straits
The Aurelian military has confirmed the development of the Leasath superfighter Fenrir, and Gryphus One is sent out to intercept and destroy the Leasath elite Alect Squadron.
13B Armada
Danern Straits
With the Alect Squadron having already arrived at Archelon Fortress, and the Leasath Navy having sent a large number of ships to reinforce the defences of the fortress, Gryphus One sinks the naval fleet.
14A Fire Storm
Cobalt Cave
Gryphus One heads to Cobalt Cave to destroy freighters leaving for Archelon Fortress to deliver a High-Powered Microwave weapon (HPM) to be mounted on Fenrir, as well as the island testing warehouses.
14B Offline
Cobalt Cave
With the HPM having been shipped out and mounted on Fenrir, Gryphus One heads out to destroy the radar antennas that provide powerful tracking for the HPM weapon, as well as the cave's underground control facility.
15A End of Deception I
December 24, 2020 Sentry Island
Gryphus One attacks the four Fenrir aircraft that have taken off from Archelon Fortress, as well as the fortress-mounted Shock Cannon air-to-air defence weapon.
15B End of Deception II
December 24, 2020 Sentry Island
Gryphus One destroys the four Alect Squadron Fenrirs, but an extra Fenrir is found taking off, and thus Gryphus One is sent to chase it down and destroy it. Miraculously, he is able to fly out of the fortress and not be caught up in the disintegration of the fortress.
SP Operation X
Unlocked by completing all other missions.

Gryphus One single-handedly takes on all of the game's super aircraft (except the Fenrir), including 4 ADF-01 Falkens and, optionally, two aces, XFA-27 Scarface 1 and ADF-01 Z.O.E.. Once the level is completed, the ADF-01 will be available for purchase (if not previously purchased), irrespective of the end rank.

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