All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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"We got a chance with those guys watching over us up there. "
― Louis McKnight
Sergeant Louis McKnight is an Emmerian tank commander. His tank crew consists of himself and two other sergeants, Donnie Torch and Kevin Hobsbawm.

McKnight is first seen guarding a bridge and directing Emmerian refugees across it. However, McKnight and his unit are ambushed and annihilated by Estovakian planes, with McKnight and two other sergeants being the only survivors. He manages to link up with the rest of the Emmerian forces and becomes the unofficial captain of his tank after drawing straws. Shortly before the Emmerian landing operation on the mainland, McKnight and his crew devise a plan to loot the Gracemeria Central Bank, believing that the Estovakians haven't been able to open the vault yet and because one of the crew, Donnie, insists that he had dug a tunnel to the vault. They desert their unit in the midst of one of the battles and make their way to Gracemeria. On the way, they come across and pick up Melissa Herman and Ludmila Tolstaya and kindly give them a ride to the outskirts of Gracemeria before going their separate ways. During the liberation of Gracemeria, McKnight and his crew attempt to break into the vault, but end up inadvertently rescuing Victor Voychek, Matilda Herman, and the statue of the Golden King. Instead of stealing it, McKnight and his crew strap the statue to their tank and parade it around Gracemeria as a symbol of liberation. As a tribute to their country, the tank is left in the town square. They are probably part of Warlock Separate Battalion.



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