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Kei naga ac legacy
Kei Nagase was a fighter pilot during the Usean Continental War and an airline pilot during the Second Usean Continental War.

In the first war, she flew alongside Phoenix as a part of Scarface Squadron. She was born in eastern Usea, where the rebellion's first battles were fought, so she held personal ties and wanted to see a swift conclusion to the fighting. She lacked the experience of her male counterparts, from Phoenix to John Herbert to Ulrich Olsen, and instead flew by intuition. It never led her astray, and she managed to hold her own against veteran enemy pilots. She prioritized effective maneuvers in battle to come out victorious as quickly as possible.

Nothing is known about Nagase after the rebellion's end until the start of the second war. By this time, she was working for Air Ixiom as an airline pilot. On March 14, 2005, she was the First Officer of Air Ixiom Flight 701, which, along with Flight 702, was carrying Stonehenge engineers and other civilians. They were ambushed on takeoff by Erusian forces and were attempted to be destroyed in the air by Erusian pilots. The Captain on Flight 701 was injured, forcing Nagase to take command. Mobius One arrived to fly escort, shooting down the Erusian planes and opening the path for the planes to land. Multiple ISAF member states came forward with assistance, and it is assumed that Nagase survived the conflict with no injuries.
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