All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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"Let's see what these angel wings can do!"
― Lampert sacrificing himself to gather intel on the back-up cooling unit of the Chandelier.

Marcus Lampert (マーカス·ランパートMākasu Ranpāto), Callsign: "Shamrock" (シャムロック Shamurokku), is a Republic of Emmeria Air Force pilot who is part of the nascent Garuda Team, as "Garuda Two".



Marcus "Shamrock" Lampert (after war)

As Talisman's wingman, the player can give him commands. He had a wife and a daughter who resided in Gracemeria, being shown to be concerned about them by saying to himself, "Please be safe", due to the ruthless tactics used by the Estovakians in their offensive (bombing of civilians, destroying infrastructure, etc.).

He joins the rest of the Emmerian forces in the evacuation Gracemeria, though not without promising to be back soon. He soon proves to be a valuable asset to Garuda One as his wingman and they complete several missions together. During the game it is shown that Shamrock would do anything to get back to Gracemeria and free his people, this includes disobeying a direct cease-fire and continuing to dogfight several members of the Strigon Team while being pressured to retreat, ending in Garuda Team's suspension from active duty until the plan to destroy the WMD catalyst organizes into action.

After the liberation of the city of Gracemeria, he learns that his wife and daughter died during the conflict, cursing himself for being unable to protect them and vows to turn in his wings once the patrol is over. However, due to the threat of the Estovakian Chandelier railgun, Shamrock remained on active duty. During the strike on the Chandelier, he single handedly flies into the trench loading the cruise missiles into the weapon itself, while under heavy fire, to give AWACS Ghost Eye the position of the internal Cooling Unit, resulting in him being shot down. He tries to keep the plane steady but the damage is too great, forcing him to eject very close to the ground.

The injuries he sustains during his ejection temporarily confine him to a wheelchair, forcing him on to the inactive list in the Republic of Emmeria Air Force. He is shown in the ending cinematic enjoying a meal with Melissa Herman and the children in full view of the rebuilt King's Bridge. As well, he silently thanked Talisman as peace was restored once again.



  • Performance-wise, Marcus Lampert is shown to have abilities that the player cannot perform, such as using the Semi-Active Air-to-Air Missile without need for the steering circle, rapid-firing the Electromagnetic Launcher, and not having to worry about crashing into terrain.


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