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"Only Erusian fighters should be flying this airspace."
― Megalith defense pilot[1]

The Megalith defense squadron was a squadron comprised of Erusian dissidents assigned to protect the Megalith missile-launch facility.[1]


Main article: Operation Judgement Day

Following the annihilation of Yellow Squadron and the fall of Farbanti on September 19, 2005,[2] a group of young Erusian officers seized control of Megalith.

At some point, they acquired fifteen Su-37 Terminators to serve as the weapon's air defense squadron. Out of respect for the fallen aces, the dissidents painted their aircraft in Yellow Squadron's livery and even assumed the name "Yellow Squadron".[1] Jean-Louis Flaubert was placed in command of the squadron, which was comprised of several young aviation reserve school officers. [3] Another young airman named Gene was chosen as his second-in-command.[1]

On September 26, 2005, Megalith became operational and began sending the orbital remains of Ulysses raining down onto the Usean continent. When ISAF fighters approached the facility, Jean-Louis and the rookie pilots scrambled to intercept them. However, the defense squadron was significantly outmatched by the veteran ISAF pilots; after Jean-Louis was shot down, Gene assumed his command. The Erusians ultimately fell into disarray and were shot down by the ISAF fighters, allowing Mobius 1 to destroy the Megalith facility.[1]


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