Meson Cannons were energy weapons produced by Aurelia.


Meson Cannons were charged particle beam cannons powered by mesons, subatomical particles formed by a quark and an antiquark bound together by strong interaction. By removing mesons from certain materials (including aluminium and berylium), these weapons could emit a beam of decaying muons through a linear particle accelerator (linac).

The cannons were first created by Aurelia as a defense system mounted on the Atmos Ring, but further research was aborted due to both energy costs, and the lack of a notable reason to install them. However, the Meson Cannon's firing range was limited to a few kilometers by the collapse of the muons, but the beams were still able to move at sub-light speeds, making evasion extremely difficult.


All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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The Meson Cannon's potential as a superweapon was realised by the Leasath military during the Aurelian War, when Griswall, along with most of Aurelia, fell into their hands.

By the time Gryphus One was deployed to liberate Griswall, the Meson Cannons' performance may change depending on his choice of mission route.

If the XC-01 transport planes carrying the MBSRs from Monte Breeze to Griswall were allowed to escape, this will trigger the mission Atmos Ring. Successful deliveries of the MBSRs meant that the Meson Cannons' power was greatly enhanced, allowing greater irradiation time per fire. As this would make an Aurelian ground attack on Griswall impossible, Gryphus Squadron was tasked with destroying both the Meson Cannon and all enemy fighters to allow a helicopter unit to recapture Gaiuss Tower, and liberate the city.

If the transport aircraft were shot down, and the Skylla Unit destroyed, this will trigger the mission Gaiuss Tower. The interception of all MBSRs meant that the Aurelian Army could launch a large-scale ground attack against the defending Leasathian Army in Griswall. Gryphus Squadron's job was to protect the advancing Aurelian ground forces from both enemy air and ground units, until they reached the base of Gaiuss Tower itself.

Alternatively, if the transport aircraft are intercepted, but the Skylla Unit allowed to escape, this will trigger the mission Wild Card. Storming via the railway, the Aurelian Liberation Corps successfully, albiet temporarily, managed to drive the Leasathean ground forces out of Griswall, and close the gates of the Atmos Ring, shutting them out. The Meson Cannon, however, still remained under Leasath remote control. In an attempt to try help Gryphus Squadron, the Liberation Corps managed to cut the power to the Meson Cannon completely. However, cutting the power also meant the electromagnetic shutters of the Atmos Ring, the only barrier between the pinned-down ALC and a rapidly advancing Leasathean ground force, opened. After failing to restore the power to the Atmos Ring, Gryphus Squadron had to work quickly to cleanse the area of both the Leasath ground forces, and later, the Skylla Unit's medium range missiles, to defend the city.




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