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  • What are your guesses for the English VAs of Assault Horizon Legacy?

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    • I'm not good with voice actors, so I don't guess.

      We don't host guesses on the wiki, either. If we have evidence one way or the other, then we'll put it down. If there are proven voice comparisons, we'll put it down. But pure guesses are not allowed.

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  • That was a bit antagonistic, wouldn't you say? I feel that your answer could have been worded in a much more helpful, inviting way.

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    • To be fair, Thunderbolt did go to a 4 year old thread to ask a simple question.

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    • Necroposting is something that's heavily frowned upon in online communities. I also have little patience for questions asked on a wiki about something easily found on said wiki.

      You can also look at User:Thunderbolt251's contributions to see that their history over the past few years on this wiki has been solely related to real-life, and asking questions or making general statements about real-life armaments in the Ace Combat series.

      So we've got necroposting, with a question easily answered by wiki searches, that follow a user's theme of similar questions or general discussions for years. Consider yourself in my position, and try to understand that this kind of thing gets to be very annoying very fast.

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    • I remember being the same type of user four years ago, maybe worse. There was a tad bit more tolerance then.

      As head admin, what you do reflects on the rest of the wiki and the userbase as well. No one wants to ask a librarian a question and get back an irritated "find it yourself" as a reply.

      But sure, it does get to be annoying, no debate there. Working as hard as you do, it's frustrating when someone doesn't appreciate it.

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    • My actions indeed reflect on the wiki and the rest of the users, as you are the ones who trust me with this position and can remove me from this position with due reason. I would hope that my message to Thunderbolt251 would be understood by others as such:

      If you resurrect a four-year-old thread on a wiki to ask a question about a topic that can be easily answered by accessing the links on that same wiki's article about that same topic, you're wasting people's time and you will be responded to as such. If you've been here for half a decade, you are expected to understand how to look up basic info.

      You don't go up to a librarian and ask what weapons the Empire used against the Rebels, for example. They don't read the articles or do the research for you. You ask them where such information could be found, and how to access it.

      I'm not here to be the wiki. I'm here to help people use the wiki and help maintain the wiki.

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  • Hi Sly, I can help with Indonesian translation. but which language that it use, formal or informal?

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  • Hey Sly, I can help with Indonesian translations. What should I do? I saw the trailer video translation checklist.

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  • Is'nt  a little odd when the Warwolf squadron are flying F-35Bs with normal helmets when they shoud be wearing HMD(HelmetMounted Display)s? I mean the F-35 does'nt have a HUD (which makes the task of a fighter pilot a lot easier).If they are not wearing those helmets, they will have to end up looking at the screens down below which will help them in knowing what direction they are flying in,how fast they are going and what altitude they are in. This will make their flying and dogfighting difficult which will lead to them being shot down by a Russian atoll (heat-seeking missile) which has been fired by a Su-27 or Mig-29.

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    • This reply has been removed
    • I may be wrong but I'm fairly certain the 3rd person model for the F-35 depicts the pilot with a HMD, however it doesnt show up in cutscenes or have any relevance to gameplay because of what wareagle and Sly said.

      So they at least acknowledged that it exists even if they couldnt translate that into gameplay mechanics.

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  • Hey SlyCooperFan1!

    The next stage of our Wiki Modernization project is to test the page and article headers, which you can read about here. We'll begin running this test on Thursday this week.

    Like we said in the blog, here's what we'll be looking at in the test:

    How do readers interact with the new headers? We'll look at the number of clicks on header links, as well as how many people use the new headers vs the old ones. What do editors think of the new design? We'll gather feedback and interaction data from you, ask follow-up questions, and do our best to understand your needs. We want a design that works well for everyone.

    We want help from you and your community in figuring out if we got it right or what potential areas for improvement might be. Feel free to comment on both the reader and editor side of the header designs. We especially want to know what you think as an editor. Please leave any feedback for me here on this thread.

    You are also welcome to share this information with your community, that way they are aware of the changes that have been made. Thanks!


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  • i have a question about ace combat 7 i saw the trailer and i heard that erusea (which is a kingdom for some reason) had declare war on osea and the question is: why did the eruseans declared war on osea for what reason did they got destroyed by ISAF and what is with the space elevator in the trailer? 

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  • hey Sly, my Discord username is StealthTallyFox, can I join in? I use the same profile image as this one

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  • Whatever Ace combat fan said about the Trigger squadron comprising of Erusian prisoners seems slightly correct to me.I think the squadron compose of Osean pilots and mechanics who have escaped court martial because of their excellent records.Their fate of being prisoners might have been occured due to the following reasons:

    1.Disobeying a direct order by attacking an enemy position without permission.

    2.Fights among comrades.

    3.Problems with plane parts and flight controls which are caused by mechanics accidently(which resulted in the unknown female prisoner being jailed).

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    • Okay? What was the point of this message?

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    • Sorry  I did not replied to you in a long time.As for the point of the message,I thought that if Osea and the other countries in Strangereal follow treaty similar to the Geneva convention ,it would state that they will not be allowed to let the POWs do any dangerous work(clearing minefields) except work detail like clearing roads in their enemies country or farming. 

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  • Sorry to bother you with this, but I was browsing my recommended videos on YouTube, and saw an "Everything Wrong With Ace Combat 5" video. I clicked it, and lo and behold, it was you! All I can say is that video is pure excellence. I too have wanted to see CinemaSins do Ace Combat, but they never did. But yours was perfect. Many of the things you pointed out I wondered myself, like:

    1)The Mass Driver being hit

    2)Chopper not ditching in the river

    3)The Radar in Solitaire

    4)Those damn SOLG chunks in The Unsung War

    And many others. So in short, pure genius bro, and you nail the CinemaSins style perfectly. Keep it up!

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