For the real-life organization featured in Ace Combat Infinity, see United Nations.
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Neo United Nations (NUN) is an international organization whose main purpose is designated to maintain peace, order and friendship between all nations, as well as possessing jurisdiction of international laws. It's intention is that it would intervene in various conflicts and facilitate peace cooperation. Not to be certain, but it is believed to be the successor of International United Nations, an organization which existed during Usean conflict that helped to hold war against Erusea, and the Assembly of Nations, an organization mentioned in the Belkan War. As it is entering a new era of globalization, it changed its name to be Neo United Nations to prove their credibility of facing the new age. It was established within the USEA continent, their headquarters being located at Snyder’s Top on the north side of USEA. Here, some peace agreements were held to stop any further disputes that may arise.

Corporate War - (2030-2045)

Toward the period of globalization, capitalistic principles are dominantly established. Multinational corporations begin to make enormous economical and technological growth and developments by merging and taking over corporate, even they institute military power for their own reasons. During the war, two largest corporations, known as General Resource LTD. and Neucom Incorporated, began to put their superiority up and became inconsiderate rivals in competition of the world dominance. NUN realized that both corporations went too far as they involved in disputes and took further action by dispatching a special enforcement group, the Universal Peace Enforcement Organization (UPEO) as basis to mediate divergences and suppress any broken-out disputes among them. UPEO, under supervision of NUN, began to carry its military group, SARF along with its missions. Throughout the war, NUN frequently requested truce agreement and assisted cooperation between the companies.

Gabriel W. Clarkson, the former member of USEA federal assembly, was the chairman of NUN. Since UPEO was firmly established in response of the dispute on 2037, he became the representative of UPEO.

NUN was severally involved within the conflicts breaking out in many areas. The chairman of NUN was ever becoming target of General Resource’s GRDF while in flight to Cape Rainy Airport. Near in the end of war, the chairman was unexpectedly abducted by a frantic terrorist organization, Ouroboros. From there on, NUN paid much more attentions to the conflict. Once again, NUN successfully commanded UPEO to bring down the tensions to the end.

End of the War - (Late 2045)

Not much information is known of what happened after the end of the war, but NUN seemed to continue working as peace accord organization between nations all over the world.


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