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"Power for Life"
― Neucom advertisement

Neucom Incorporated (Neuwork in the international releases of Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere) is one of the world's leading corporations during the 2040 period.

Making the Impossible, Possible (2000s - 2039)

Originally the EASA (Erusian Air and Space Administration), it was sold off some time after the Usean Continental War. Its success really took off after the acquisition of a larger Aerospace agency, which earned Neucom's Space Development division a place as "cutting edge". In their opening days, Neucom bought the Comona Islands (also known as Riass) Space Facility from the Usean Government. Neucom Inc. is comprised of 5 operational departments: Info, Space, Bio, Sphere and Publishing. The corporate name is a portmanteau of "Neuron" and "Computer".

The first product from Neucom’s sub departments was the Neucom Visual System (NVS). This was a computer program which operated on the Electrosphere which operates as a Broadcasting System and a Search engine. This becomes Neucom’s Main Broadcasting system in their own company as well as their main Software Product.

As for their Aviation Field, Neucom shocks aviation experts across the globe with their new designs. Neucom’s new aircraft line is marketed as the ‘R’ series, the R standing for Radical (fitting, because of their aircraft's bio-design and advanced technologies). Their Radical Aircraft had incorporated many Configurations, Designs, Technologies and weaponry. The R-Series is also the first Neucom system to use the COFFIN System, which allows the pilots of vehicles to operate their machines during an conscious sub-conscious state, allowing them to operate their machinery much closer to its Specifications. One such prime example is the R-101 Delphinus 1. Their R-Series had become renowned for this, and many buyers had stepped forward.

In 2020, their very first aircraft designs, which they had a large part in creating were used in the Leasath-Aurelian war. These Aircraft used initial versions of the COFFIN System and preformed extremely well during their time in combat. In a sense, this was the beginning of Neucom's success in the military field.

With this new surge of funds from their products being bought, Neucom employs many excellent and talented research staffs, from Bankrupt government-operated Agencies and corporate development/research teams made obsolete, due to governmental down sizing. With them Neucom Inc makes the first Energy Weapons able to operate within the Atmosphere and in Space.

In 2033, many Neucom Projects are started or underway with the help of these newly hired Research Staffs of these one known as Project “Night Raven”, which is being taken up by many of the Neucom Fields. The project is so secretive, rumors are the only information available on it.

A year later, Neucom Space and Info work together and create a Global Satellite Network for to further its Space Strategy and its global communications. In 2036, Project “Night Raven” is secretly completed, though no information is released. Neucom, by this time, is now one of the largest companies on the planet and the largest on the Usean Continent. A General Resource Ace Pilot, a rarity in the new era, had joined Neucom just before its announcement of their new product known as the “Nano-Byte”. This Nano scaled technology can adapt to extreme conditions and self-replicate. This makes them great for construction, and Space Development; as well as a new energy source replacing Nuclear fission Energy but not nuclear fusion.

In 2039, at the end of the decade, Neucom Inc. completes its largest project. Megafloat, a large Sea Fairing City in the Usean Ocean. The entire city was created entirely by Neucom Technology and Personnel over the years. From this point on, it was thought that Neucom could make the impossible, possible.

With this, it was found that Neucom was now one of the two largest companies on the face of the planet. The other being its rival, General Resource LTD.


During the decade between 2039 and 2040, Neucom’s Operations had continued to operate steadily. It wasn’t until 2040 that Neucom’s economic rival had came to the Usean Continent after receiving permission by the falling Usean Government and conflict began to brew. In one incident, after a large miscommunication between General Resource LTD and Neucom Inc., the corporation had taken a hostile stance against GR and began to threaten them with action.

The Neo-United Nations was called in to settle the dispute. It was decided that Neucom and General Resource would operate in designated areas on the Usean Continent and would not operate in the other’s areas. However, Neucom felt as though General Resource should keep their business and not be on there neucoms Continent and began to operate in GR’s designated territories. Neucom Air Transport Groups then began traveling into General Resource territories being escorted by their Neucom Emergency Unit (NEU), a private army hired, maintained and funded by Neucom itself. Many times, these large transport groups were intercepted by Aircraft from the General Resource Defense Force (GRDF).

Not being able to handle the situation with talks, the Neo United Nations calls in the Universal Peace Enforcement Organization (UPEO) to handle the situation accordingly. Many No-Fly Zones were set over many civilian cities and areas of General Resource’s territories, but these were still ignored by Neucom. The UPEO’s Supreme Commander was once a highly placed member in General Resource’s leadership, so it was thought that the UPEO were nothing more than a “Puppet of General Resource”.

Eventually, an incident had to take place - and one did. As a Neucom Transport Group flew over Expo City, the largest city in General Resource’s territories, a GRDF Fighter Unit was sent up to intercept them. An Aerial Battle broke out over the city, and resulted in damage to the city and the loss of civilian life. Now the NUN and UPEO placed extremely harsh restrictions on each company, but unfortunately, this did not change anything.

As a Transport Group from Neucom entered Expo City Air Space in early 2040, it was engaged by UPEO fighters. This resulted in the loss of the entire group. Neucom took action immediately after this.

Usean Corporate War

Neucom Inc. had declared war against the General Resource Defense Force and denounced the UPEO. Neucom then began to interfere with all General Resource operations on the continent by jamming their communications and attacking their production and research facilities. As the UPEO scrambled to cease aggressions on each side, Neucom began to use Ultra-High Altitude Transports and escorts to continue their operations.

Neucom Inc. had decided to use Megafloat as a rallying point for its Naval Forces. Many of their Warships began to sail and resupply at Megafloat, however, UPEO Command saw that using Megafloat as a resupply base was against many of their set restrictions and decided to engage any Neucom Warship which was going to dock at Megafloat. Soon, General Resource began to ignore the UPEO sanctions as well and began to attack all of the city’s defenses. Neucom continued to operate there despite these attacks and continued to attack any GR Facilities they came across.

During one GR offensive, the Riass Space Center was under siege as Antilion Walking Tanks and a GRDF Strike Group attacked it. They were attempting to take the Center before a Space Shuttle was launched into space and vectored onto their new Orbital Satellite Lasers. The attack failed and the shuttle was launched. A day or so later, a Neucom R-352 Sepia Space Fighter, controlled by Nemo, was launched from Riass and completed the first Space Combat Mission in World History, which destroyed the OSLs. One had apparently fell out of orbit and into the Water near Megafloat. As a Neucom taskforce went to recover it a General Resource recovery fleet was sent to stop them. After a brief battle, Neucom had recovered the Satellite.

In a GRDF response, General Resource RF-12A2 Blackbird IIs began to intercept Neucom’s Ultra-High Altitude Transport Groups and slow Neucom Operations. Neucom then began attack General Resource’s White Valley Air Base, one of General Resource’s most vital Airbases, effectively shutting it down. A UPEO Representative attempting to defect to Neucom was killed by UPEO Fighters further building anger towards the UPEO from Neucom. In the Sandsberry Desert, once a General Resource Territory, now the site of a Neucom Inc. Bio-Tech Center, Neucom Operatives had ‘kidnapped’ multiple GR Scientists and were transporting them by train to this facility. However, the scientists were destroyed along with the train by General Resource fighters. It was believed that the scientists had attempted to defect and were not kidnapped.

Neucom had become tired of General Resource’s operations and began gathering their forces at Megafloat for a large scale offensive. The UPEO then sent its Pilots to destroy the entire Neucom forces, which consisted of an Aerial and Naval Fleet. As Neucom attempted to recover, its facilities in Port Edwards were attacked by a large GRDF Air Group. When Neucom had sent all of its available fighters to engage them, it became the largest engagement between Neucom and General Resource of the war. The UPEO had sent its aircraft to stop them, but when they arrived the battle was already well underway. The UPEO pilots managed to stop the battle after destroying multiple aircraft on each side.

After this the UPEO made the discovery that a third group, known as the “Ouroboros”, was responsible for the entire conflict between the two Companies. Now General Resource and Neucom were forced to support the UPEO in their operations to stop the Ouroboros. Many battles took place as the alliance attempted to halt Ouroboro's power.

The decisive battle came at Megafloat. An Ouroboros fleet of 3 Stealth Destroyers and an Aircraft Carrier laid siege to the city. But a counterattack destroyed the fleet, and destroyed any chance of invasion by Ouroboros. Neucom Inc then engaged the Ouroboros Flying Headquarters, the UI-4053 Sphynra, and engaged its escorts, leaving it almost defenseless. The Sphynra was destroyed days later by UPEO Pilots. Ouroboros disappeared into the shadows again. This victory came at a heavy price, a X-49 from the Sphynra fired a laser into Megafloat, killing the entire population of the city. The X-49 and the UI-4054 fighter from the Sphynra were later destroyed.

Once that threat was removed, the war had stopped and each side was brought back to the Neo United Nations for talks.

It was decided that the two companies would have their ‘Defense Forces restructed. General Resource had its own restrictions, while Neucom’s business was to be restricted by the new Usean Government, their business anywhere outside the continent was to be heavily monitored and regulated by the Government.

Overall, Neucom was hit the worst by the conflict. The loss of Megafloat destroyed a symbol of pride, and a major center of Neucom's operations. However, the radical corporation was able to begin recovery from the devastation.

Reboot (2040)

In late 2040, a last crisis had arisen which had involved Neucom. After discovering and redefining technology used by the Ouroboros, Neucom had created the XR-900 Geopelia. This unmanned aircraft was to be flown by advanced AI developed by Neucom. These XR-900s were being developed at a Neucom facility in Port Edwards. They had suddenly activated, taken off and attacked certain points in the city. UPEO Command scrambled and launched their most experienced pilot AI - Nemo - to intercept them.

Within the first few moments of the engagement, the Pilot had managed to hack into one of the XR-900s after it attempted to Hack into its aircraft. The AI had taken the controls of the Geopelia, engaged and destroyed the others after an extended engagement.

It was found that Neucom had no ties to this event and that no ties to anyone could be confirmed, after an investigation. Many had speculated that this sudden attack was caused by a program that the Ouroboros had pre-programmed before their disappearance, possibly afterwards as well.

NEU Ace Pilots

Born on 2/9/2012. In 2033, at the age of 21, she completed the Master's program in Genetic Engineering at Chopinbrook University. In the same year, she joined General Resource Ltd.. After serving for 4 years at GR, she transferred to Neucom Inc. in 2037. Now, she is enrolled at NEU as an ace pilot.

Aircraft List

Ace Pilot Variants

  • R-102 Delphinus 2 - C (Cynthia's Custom Version)
  • R-103 Delphinus 3 - C (Cynthia's Custom Version)
  • R-311 Remora - C (Cynthia's Custom Version)

Attacker Aircraft

Attack Helicopter

Experimental Aircraft

Export Variants

  • R-101U Delphinus 1 (UPEO Variant)
  • R-201U Asteroza (UPEO Variant)

Fighter Aircraft

Interceptor Aircraft


Transport Aircraft

Naval Vessels

  • Aircraft Carriers (Sea Shadow Variants)
  • Cargo Ships
  • Warships
  • Stealth Warships
  • Submarines
  • Hydrofoils

Other Weaponry

  • Heavy Laser Cannon
  • Pulse Laser Gun




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