The OFS Vulture is an Osean Hubert-class aircraft carrier of the Osean Maritime Defense Force. It, along with its sister ships, the Kestrel and the Buzzard, comprised the 3rd Osean Naval Fleet's carrier strike group.


Circum-Pacific War

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The Vulture's whereabouts at the outbreak of the Circum-Pacific War remain unknown. However, the carrier survived Yuktobania's initial blitz attacks, and on September 30, 2010, the Vulture rendezvoused with the Kestrel and Buzzard at Eaglin Straits in an effort to mount a counterattack against Yuktobania.[1]

As the Vulture and its sister ships passed through the narrow straits, they fell under attack by Yuktobanian carrier-launched fighters. Although it survived the initial aerial assault, the Vulture suffered a direct hit from the Scinfaxi's burst-missile attacks and rapidly sank, resulting in a significant number of Osean casualties.[2]

Lighthouse War

Vulture Briefing

The Vulture during the Lighthouse War

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By 2019, the Vulture was rebuilt and put back into active service during the Lighthouse War.[3]


  • The E3 demo for Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown states that the Vulture was involved in the Lighthouse War, while the briefing screens label it the Albatross.[4] This was fixed in later versions of the demo, and the briefing now correctly labels the vessel.


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