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The OLDS (pronounced "Olds", likely standing for Orbital Laser Defense System) is an orbital weapon designed by Wernher and Noah Enterprises as part of the Shattered Skies project. It was originally designed to be used to defend Earth from further asteroid impacts. During the USEAn War, it was re-engineered by the USEA Federation to use asteroids to attack certain targets on the planet.



After the Ulysses Disaster, the OLDS was developed by numerous countries with Wernher's assistance to protect the planet from further asteroid impacts. Part of this development was performed at the Comona Base. At some point, Kacper Cohen began to turn the project into a weapon instead.

Following the terrorist attack in Tokyo, the United Nations performed an emergency inspection in Wernher's facilities in Iyuli. They discovered the plans for the OLDS and condemned Wernher, publishing a report ordering the project to be halted immediately. This led to Cohen being kicked out of the company.

Use as a weapon

The only known use of the OLDS as a weapon was in Operation Bunker Shot, when the United Nations Forces launched an amphibious assault in the Adriatic Sea in an effort to launch a staging point for operations against USEA. Almost all of the forces of the UNF, mainly those who still did not reached the shore, were lost in the meteorite attack. However, the OLDS failed to stop the landing.


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