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Offline is a mission of Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception. You have access to this mission if you destroy the Alect Squadron in mission 13A.


With the HPM already in Archelon Fortress and mounted to Fenrir, Gryphus 1 disables the antennae that guide the HPM, reducing its accuracy.


The new weapon under development at Cobalt Cave has been relocated to Archelon Fortress. We have learned that it's an HPM (High-Powered Microwave weapon) to be mounted to Fenrir. The weapon's targeting system relies on orbiting satellites, so we should be able to reduce the weapon's accuracy by disabling the satellite ground control center at Cobalt Cave. With the bulk of the enemy forces shifted to Archelon Fortress, the enemy poses little threat at Cobalt Cave. However, with the threat that Fenrir poses, we must take this oppurtinity to minimalize its capabilities. Destroy all of the satellite antennas at Cobalt Cave.


All satellite control centers and antennas have been destroyed. This should weaken Fenrir's microwave weapon. Archelon Fortress is the final obstacle standing between us and total victory, sir.


  • After the mission update, 2 submarines will spawn and attack the player when he/she flies towards the final tracking device. One of them is called Proteus (mentioned through enemy dialogue when one of the submarines is destroyed), this is a reference to both Greek mythology and an ace from Ace Combat 5. Interestingly enough, there is an ace that uses the FB-22 Strike Raptor, the same aircraft that Proteus uses.

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