All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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Operation Eternal Liberation is an ongoing large-scale conflict between the United Nations and the USEA Federation. The war broke out in August of 2019 following numerous terrorist attacks by the Sons of Troia, which merged into USEA by the command of their leader, Kacper Cohen.


In August 10, 2019. The Son of Troia launch a massive invasion across Eurasia with the help of several nations which subsequently succeed in invading two-third of Eurasian land from the Alps mountains to the Korean Peninsula. They merged into the USEA Federation. Seeing this threat, the UN decided to stage a large-scale campaign across the Eurasian defense perimeters called Operation Override.

Defending the line

In September of 2020, responding to the OLDS attack and following the victory of establishing the foothold of the Eurasian continent, the operation was expanded to include operations within the areas occupied by USEA.

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