Operation Katina was an counterinsurgency operation formulated by the Independent State Allied Forces and executed by Mobius 1 sometime in 2006. The operation's sole objective was to quell the Free Erusea insurrection, which had broken out across Usea.[1]


One year after the conclusion of the Continental War, Erusea's interim government continued efforts to reform under the guidance of ISAF observers. However, the provisional government received a great deal of criticism from within Erusea; elements of the Erusian military did not approve of the new reforms and rebelled against the ISAF occupation forces. The rebels, calling their movement "Free Erusea", were led by a number of high-ranking Federal Erusea Air Force officers and captured an old munitions factory in the White Valley Bay region. Using its newly acquired cache of weapons, the Free Erusea forces attacked the ISAF in Erusea and across Usea.[2]

After reviewing tactical data from the Continental War, ISAF command had reached the astonishing conclusion that the combat capabilities of ace pilot Mobius 1 were equal to that of an entire ISAF fighter squadron. Consequently, ISAF command entrusted the suppression of the Free Erusea movement to Mobius 1, who would be supported by AWACS SkyEye once again.[2]


The operation's widespread nature took the small strike force across the entire continent. Combat had broken out again in areas such as Mount Shezna and Newfield Island. The Free Erusea forces, which consisted mainly of helicopters, fighters and transport aircraft, relied on air strikes to compensate for its lack of ground forces. Despite Mobius 1's strategic interception of the rebels' transports, Free Erusea was still able to mobilize its sizable fighter aircraft assets.[1]

Large aircraft carriers, destroyers and bombers were also intercepted and dispatched by Mobius 1. As Free Erusea's losses mounted, the rebel forces mobilized en masse near their headquarters along the White Valley coastline. The rebels had established their headquarters in the captured munitions factory, which also supported an airstrip and naval shipyards, as well as petroleum extraction and refinement facilities. Mobius 1 confronted the Free Erusea forces head-on and inflicted massive damage to the rebels' crippled armada. Multiple rebel fighters and transports were shot down as well, and it soon became apparent that Mobius 1 and the ISAF would emerge victorious.[1]

Just as the last of the Free Erusea forces were eliminated, Mobius 1 was engaged by a squadron of experimental X-02 Wyverns, which had entered the airspace undetected. The Erusian X-02 was the pinnacle of unmanned aviation technology and supported advanced avionics and flight control systems. Mobius 1 became entangled with the Wyverns and an intense dogfight broke out over the munitions factory. Despite the Erusians' numerical and technological advantage, Mobius 1 defeated the X-02s and safely returned to base.[1]


The Erusian threat was neutralized. ISAF ground units would soon after swarm the base and capture the rebel leadership. Additionally, data on Erusea's secretive X-02 fighter program were recovered by the Allies and used to further advance the ISAF Air Force's own technological strength. Once the Free Erusea rebellion had been subdued, the interim Erusian government's reforms and reconstruction efforts resumed and proceeded smoothly; hostilities had once again ceased on the Usean continent.[3]

Combat forces

Independent State Allied Forces[1]

Free Erusea[1]


  • Completion of Operation Katina unlocks Mobius 1's livery—complete with ISAF markings and ribbon insignia—as a special paint scheme for the F-22A Raptor.[4]
  • During the mid-air refueling mission, an Osean flag can be seen on the tail of the KC-10 tanker. There are three possible explanations for this: the tanker was loaned to the ISAF, the Osean Federation also took part on Operation Katina, or the KC-10 model was merely copied over from AC5's campaign.
  • "Katina" is also the name of a planet from Nintendo's Star Fox series. The operation's name may be referring in particular to Star Fox: Assault—both Nintendo and Namco were part of the game's development team.
  • If you complete all four mission progressions, you will unlock the ability to choose any aircraft in your hangar. To accomplish this, you must complete one branch, save your data and, after loading, select New Game and complete another branch.[4]


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