This article is about an in-universe event. For the in-game mission, see Whiskey Corridor (mission).

Operation Sandstorm, also known as the Battle of Whiskey Corridor, was a large scale ISAF operation during the Continental War to break through the Erusians' final line of defense—a large tank force strategically positioned across the Whiskey Corridor's geographical bottleneck. The ISAF Air Force's close air support would prove essential to the operation's success once again.[1]


Following Erusea's expulsion from San Salvacion, the Erusian forces retreated and set up a final defensive line to stave off the Allies' advance. Whiskey Corridor was the most direct route between the Amber and Lambert Mountains. In order to prevent the ISAF's advance, Erusea blockaded the corridor with a massive tank force; the ISAF would need to confront this force head-on if it wanted to expedite the end of the war.[2]


ISAF's infantry and armored forces were flown to the arid desert region via a flight of ISAF Air Force C-17 Globemasters. The Erusians had established three defensive lines across the corridor: one on the sun-baked plains to the west, one along the rolling central dunes, and one near the dry lake bed and abandoned ruins of Old Anchor Point City. In addition, Erusian long-range artillery set up far behind the frontlines and delayed the ISAF's advance. The Erusians had also established a field HQ and infantry camp far to the north.[1]

ISAF fighter and attacker aircraft were dispatched to provide close air support for the three fronts; ace pilot Mobius 1 once again inflicted considerable damage to the Erusian tanks forces and pillboxes. The ISAF pilots downed multiple Erusian fighters, bombers and helicopters, giving the Allied tanks an opportunity to advance. Mobius 1 eventually destroyed the Erusians' field HQ, and the defensive line collapsed. The ISAF tanks forces would later overrun the field HQ, and the Erusians retreated to their capital.[1]


This was the latest in a series of decisive ISAF victories, which likely hastened the war's end. In addition, Erusian had suffered considerable losses while ISAF had incurred very few. With Erusea's final line of defense overtaken, the Erusian forces had no choice but to retreat once more—the final battle would be decided in Erusea's capital, Farbanti. As the Erusian forces pulled back, ISAF ground forces found the march towards their capital to be relatively easy.[3]


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