This article is about an in-universe event. For the in-game mission, see Tango Line.

Operation Woodpecker was a large-scale ISAF airstrike on Istas Fortress, the southern anchor of Erusians central defense line known as the "Tango Line". The ISAF's success in this operation would allow its ground forces to circumvent and flank the Tango Line, rendering it useless and forcing the Erusians to re-position their defensive lines. The operation would once again put ISAF fighters within range of Stonehenge.[1]


Following the success of Operation Bunker Shot, ISAF infantry and armored vehicle units poured into the Allies' beachhead. As the Erusian forces retreated northward, the ISAF ground forces advanced into the mainland. However, Erusea had established a nearly impenetrable defensive line in central Usea to halt the ISAF's westward advance. Istas Fortress, a former ISAF stronghold, formed the southern anchor point of the Erusians' "Tango Line". Istas Fortress's terrain mask made it difficult for a ground-based assault. To address this, an air raid was organized to cripple or destroy the fortress's defensive power in order to facilitate the advance of ISAF's infantry and armored divisions.[2]


At the end of February 2005, a large detachment of ISAF squadrons attacked Istas Fortress. The strike team, composed of attacker and multi-role aircraft, was spearheaded by Mobius 1. The fortress complex was comprised of Scion Airbase, located atop a mountain plateau; a Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) base atop the western mountain peaks; submarine docks, which were constructed under the base of the mountains to the north; and a resupply and refueling depot to the west.[1]

ISAF aircraft carriers positioned off the southern coast once again served as refueling and rearming stations for the ISAF fighters. The Allied squadrons had to avoid anti-aircraft fire while also engaging Erusian fighters over the rugged terrain. During the raid, Stonehenge fired several intermittent volleys into the fortress's airspace. However, the terrain was considerably wider than that of Faith Park Gorge, and after their experiences during Operation Blackout, fewer ISAF pilots fell victim to the railgun-fire.[1]


Thanks to the efforts of Mobius 1 and the other ISAF fighters, the Erusians lost a considerable amount of aircraft, supplies and naval vessels. Istas Fortress was effectively crippled, thereby allowing ISAF ground forces to advance northward and retake the facility soon afterward. The Erusians' Tango Line collapsed, which would allow the Allies to push further into the mainland and liberate Los Canas.[3]


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