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The Osean Continent is one of the most vital continents in the Ace Combat World. It is the location of one of the largest superpowers. The Osean Continent is located west of the Usean continent, east of the Verusan Continent, and southeast of the Anean continent.



Belkan War

The Belkan War was one of the bloodiest wars that were recorded in the Osean Continent. This war engulfed a total of seven nations and forced the nations into a period of militaristic panic. Mercenaries from Verusea and Usea were hired by many nations under invasions of Belkan occupiance. But slowly, the nations of the Osean continent re-gained momentum and pushed Belka north to Sudentor. Seven nuclear bombs were dropped over Belkan soil to drive off the advancing Allied Forces. In the aftermath of the war, Belka lost and the extremist group "A World With No Boundaries" was destroyed. Belka fell into a state of defeat.


The Osean Federation is a Democratic Federation located in the western area of the Continent. Osea is the world's strongest and largest superpower, seconded by Yuktobania. The capital city of Osea is Oured.


Climate on the Osean Contient varies on which area of the contient. The northern parts which include some Osean and Belkan islands are cold. Western areas include tropical islands with lots of precipitation. There are many beaches along the Pacific Ocean of the coasts between both Osea and Yuktobania. One famous beach is in Bastok Peninsula which Osea invaded in 2010. Eastern mountains that have a view of Usea are extremely cold during winters. Southern areas of the Osean contient such as where Aurelia and Leasath are located are generally tropical weathered all year around.

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