The Osean Air Defense Force (OADF), or Osean Air Force, is the aerial warfare service branch of the Osean military.[1] It is one of the largest air forces in the world, rivaled only by the Yuktobanian Air Force in size.

Known deployments include the Belkan War[2] and Circum-Pacific War.[1] More recently, it was deployed during the Lighthouse War.[3]


Belkan War

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The Osean Air Defense Force was first known to have been deployed in 1995, during the Belkan War. Following Belka's expansion into neighboring territory on March 25, the Osean military formed an alliance with the Republic of Ustio and created the Allied Forces along with Yuktobania and Sapin.[4] The OADF would participate in various operations throughout the war, most notably Operations Battle-Axe[5] and Cannibal.[6] Following the war, the OADF would recruit a number of Belkan pilots into their ranks.[7]

Circum-Pacific War

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In 2010, the OADF would once again see action during the Circum-Pacific War. The Air Force played an important role throughout the war, defending the Osean Federation from the initial attacks and later participating in the invasion of Yuktobania.[8] In particular, the Wardog Squadron became a major source for Osean Army's morale, gaining a reputation as the "Demons of Razgriz" following Operation Long Harpoon where they sank the Yuktobanian underwater submarine, Hrimfaxi, in the Razgriz Straits.[9]

Lighthouse War

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In 2019, the Kingdom of Erusea declared war on the Osean Federation and once again, the OADF was deployed.[10] During the Lighthouse War, the force would be deployed during various operations, the extent of which is currently unknown.[3]


The Osean Air Force follows a traditional air force structure. It is divided into large groups, wings, which are divided into smaller groups, squadrons. The OADF is under the jurisdiction of the "Air Combat Commando" group, while the body responsible for commanding the force itself are the Osean Air Defense Force Central Command. The OADF also features smaller sub-divisions, including a Technology Development Bureau.[11]



The Osean Air Defense Force has employed a wide variety of aircraft, ranging from ground assault aircraft to state-of-the-art fighters, such as the YF-23A Black Widow II.

Aircraft List



  • In the European release of Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War, the name of the OADF is changed to "Osean Air Defence Force", following British spelling conventions.
  • The Osean Air Defense Force (as portrayed in AC5) is based on the real-world United States Air Force (USAF), bearing distinctly similar service dress uniforms, flight suits, aircraft, rank structure, and organizational structure (albeit outdated; the USAF stopped using the Air Division command level in 1992). However it should be noted that in the USAF, Airman First Class is an enlisted rank and in the USAF enlisted personnel cannot serve as pilots or undergo flight training.


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