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General Information

The Osean Army is the largest army on the planet. The only other comparable country that can approach the strength of the ODF is Yuktobania

The Army is the largest group of military personnel within Osean territory. In 1995, the Army pushed through South Belka to liberate the demilitarized towns of Wesson & Rutherford. In 2010, Osean troops pushed through the Bastok Peninsula, up through the Dresden region, through the Jilachi Desert and to the urban areas of Cinigrad were they were in a dead locked battle with Yuktobanian troops and loyal civilians to defend their capital city from the Osean invaders.

The Osean Marine Corps, OMC, is the elite force of the ODF; semi-independent of the Army and typically under the control the the Maritime Defense Force. Only the strongest, bravest and couragious soldiers are to be transferred into this section. In 2010, four amphibious landing forces established a beach head on the Bastok Peninsula at Volna Beach, which paved the way for the army to come in and begin their advance into Yuktobanian territory.


Military Vehicles & Equipment


Small arms

  • M16A1 Assault Rifle
  • M9 Pistol

Osean Army Units

  • 1st Tank Battalion: (Bishop; Eagle & Hawk)
  • 2nd Tank Battalion: (Black Knight; Bulldog; St. Bernard; Dachsund & Dalmatian)
  • 3rd Tank Battalion: (Lynx)
  • [--] Tank Battalion(s): (Coblynau & Beagle)
  • [--] Howitzer Brigade (Dragonfly)
  • [--] Ferdelance Armored Brigade (Dragon?; King Cobra; Tarantula; Puff Adder; Mamba; Huntsman; Taipan; Python & Abel)
  • 112th Infantry Battalion
  • 1st Airborne Battalion
  • 101st Airborne Division



  • The Osean Army is largely based on the United States Army, since all of the weapons used in the Osean Armed Forces are used by the United States Armed Forces. The armor is also used by the US Armed Forces. And the 101st Osean Airborne Division is likely based on the American 101st Airborne Division, an airborne division known from D-Day, Carentan, Bastogne, and the capture of Eagle's Nest and Berchtesgaden. This airborne division is still active in duty.
  • The ODF is the only military in Strangereal to be called a Defense Force, similar to Japan's Self-Defense Force

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