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General Information

As the ground forces of a leading superpower, the Osean Army is one of the most robust combat forces in the world. Only the competing superpower of Yuktobania field an army of comparable strength. 

The Army, being a critical component of the Osean Military, has seen combat in several conflicts. In March and April of 1995, with the outbreak of the Belkan War, they halted and repulsed a Belkan invasion of Osea's recently acquired Great Lakes territories, before deploying airborne troops to help liberate the allied nation of Ustio in May. Following the Allied resolution to inspect and strip Belka of nuclear weapons, the Osean Army invaded South Belka and, after initial opposition, began occupying demilitarized towns as the Belkan Army retreated north. The Osean advance was only halted with the June 6th Nuclear Attacks, which sealed the Waldriech passes to North Belka an ended major ground operations in the war.

In the Circum-Pacific War of 2010, Osean troops landed in Yuktobania on the Bastok Peninsula in early November. Following the breakout through the Dresden region, the army spent the following month advancing through Central Yuktobania, taking strategic positions such as the Jilachi Desert along the way, before arriving at the outskirts of Cinigrad in early December. The offensive subsequently stalled in the face of intense resistance, at least partially due to insufficient air support, and remained engaged in urban fighting with Yuktobanian forces until the Armistice was reached on December 30th. Osean Army units still in the homefront responded to Harling and Nikanor's call for peace and support of the Razgriz by deploying to Sudentor, playing a critical role in defeating the Grey Men's plot.

Military Vehicles & Equipment


Small arms

  • M16A1 Assault Rifle
  • M9 Pistol

Osean Army Units

  • 1st Tank Battalion: (Bishop; Eagle & Hawk)
  • 2nd Tank Battalion: (Black Knight; Bulldog; St. Bernard; Dachsund & Dalmatian)
  • 3rd Tank Battalion: (Lynx)
  • [--] Tank Battalion(s): (Coblynau & Beagle)
  • [--] Howitzer Brigade (Dragonfly)
  • [--] Ferdelance Armored Brigade (Dragon?; King Cobra; Tarantula; Puff Adder; Mamba; Huntsman; Taipan; Python & Abel)
  • 112th Infantry Battalion
  • 1st Airborne Battalion
  • 101st Airborne Division



  • The Osean Army's equipment is for the most part the same used by the United States Army, much as how the Osean Air Defense Force and Osean Maritime Defense Force have similar equipment to the United States Air Force and Navy, respectively. In addition, the 101st Osean Airborne Division is a reference to the American 101st Airborne Division, an airborne division which took part in D-Day, Carentan, Bastogne, and the capture of Eagle's Nest and Berchtesgaden, and is still in active duty to this day.

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