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The Osean Maritime Defense Force (OMDF) is the naval comportment of the Osean Defense Forces. It is one of the largest naval forces in the world with its only competitor being the Yuktobanian Navy.

The OMDF's 3rd Osean Naval Fleet has significance in the latter half of Ace Combat 5, as it is involved in the Operation Glory Horn, and needs to be escorted in one of Ace Combat Zero's missions. Most of the fleet was destroyed in the Circum-Pacific War due to the Yuktobanian advanced submarine Scinfaxi and a surprise attack on the docks which they were resting on.

As of 2010, Osean ships serving under the OMDF feature the prefix "OFS", which stands for "Osean Federation Ship".[1]


Belkan War

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The Osean Federation introduced its newest ship, the OFS Kestrel (the state-of the-art aircraft carrier) in 1995 during the Belkan War. Her captain during this war was Captain Weeker. This supercarrier is able to carry more carrier aircraft than the earlier aircraft carriers. Osea operates F-14A Tomcat, F-14B BombcatF-14D Super Tomcat, including F/A-18E Super Hornet, F/A-18C Hornet and F-35C Lightning II, to its supporting fighter squadrons.

During the Belkan War in 1995, in Operation Costner, Galm Team defends the 3rd Osean Naval Fleet, along with the Kestrel, from two flanking attacks by Belkan Air Force units. Although greatly outnumbered, the 3rd Osean Naval Fleet managed to pass through the canal with minor or no damage. The 3rd Osean Naval Fleet was heading into the Osean Great Lakes to provide support for the Osean and Allied ground forces.

Circum-Pacific War

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Fifteen years after Operation Costner, the Kestrel was again thrust into war when the Yuktobanian Air Force and Yuktobanian Navy launched a raid on Port St. Hewlett, an Osean naval base, both by air and sea. The Wardog Squadron was sent to defend the Kestrel at any cost. Later in the war, the OMDF's LCACs shipped a tank battalion from the Osean Army to the Bastok Peninsula in Yuktobania, where they executed Operation Footprint, establishing a front-line base in Yuktobania. After this, the OMDF was likely responsible for safely moving Osean forces from Osea to Yuktobania.

There are also three known carrier battle groups, those led by the Buzzard, the Vulture and the Barbet. The latter three were totally wiped out in combat with the Yuktobanians (Vulture and Buzzard), and the Kestrel itself (Barbet).

On or around December 7, 2010, the Kestrel, as well as a number of other ships, probably from the 3rd Osean Naval Fleet, left the OMDF and formed the Kestrel Fleet. The Kestrel Fleet believed that the Belkan Gray Men was the true enemy, not Yuktobania. So, they silently left the OMDF to fight the Belkans. The Kestrel carried a squadron of four black fighters, Ghosts of Razgriz, who were launched on various missions against the Gray Men.

Then, on December 29, 2010 during Operation Glory Horn, the Osean fleet led by the Barbet, another OMDF aircraft carrier and the Kestrel's sister ship, is detected during an engagement between the Admiral Tsanev fleet and the Kestrel Fleet. Since the Kestrel Fleet had been working with three defecting Yuktobanian naval ships and under command of President Vincent Harling, the Osean fleet went rogue and attack the Kestrel Fleet. However, all rogue forces were completely decimated. The following day, on December 30, 2010, the Kestrel was attacked by an enemy submarine and was sunk, however, the Razgriz and most of its crew was able to escape, and the enemy submarine was destroyed.

By the end of the Circum-Pacific War, the OMDF was depleted, having lost much of its carrier force.

Lighthouse War

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Around ten years after the Circum-Pacific War, the OMDF, having regained their strength after the war, found itself engaged with the Kingdom of Erusea's forces for unknown reasons as of yet.

OMDF Aircraft

Known OMDF Naval Vessels

Gerald R. Ford-class Aircraft Carrier

Hubert-Class Aircraft Carrier
OFS Kestrel

OFS Kestrel

Nimitz-class Aircraft Carrier

Ticonderoga-Class AEGIS Cruiser

Oliver Hazard Perry-class Frigate

Cassard-class Frigate

Hatakaze-class Destroyer

OMDF OS.Frigate

OMDF Oliver Hazard Perry-class Frigate

Landing Craft Air Cushioned

Other Notable OMDF Vessels



  • Interestingly, the OMDF's Cassard-class frigates are identified as "Destroyers", while their Hatakaze-class destroyers are identified as "Cruisers" by the in-game HUD.


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